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Ex-Egyptian Minister: U.S. Losing Credibility in the Arab World

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Former Egyptian Minister Criticizes U.S. Role in Gaza Conflict

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has prompted a former Egyptian foreign minister to raise concerns about the United States' role in the region and its credibility on the global stage. Nabil Fahmy, who served as minister between 2013 and 2014, emphasized the need for the U.S. to reassess its position and demand respect for international law from all parties involved. The U.S. has been vocal in its support for Israel's campaign against Hamas, despite international criticism of Israel's bombardment of Gaza following the October 7 terror attacks. The U.S. has faced backlash for its backing of Israel's actions, including vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution for a humanitarian pause. Domestically, President Joe Biden has received warnings from Muslim American and Arab American leaders about losing support from their communities.

Challenges for U.S. Foreign Policy

The conflict in Gaza presents a significant challenge for U.S. foreign policy, with President Biden finding himself increasingly isolated on this issue, according to Ian Bremmer, president and founder of Eurasia Group. Bremmer noted that the Democrats are aligning more with the Palestinian position, highlighting the complexity of the situation. The U.S. continues to emphasize the importance of preventing harm to civilians and is working with regional partners to increase the flow of aid into Gaza for Palestinian civilians.

Egypt's Humanitarian Role

Egypt, which shares a border with Gaza, has played a crucial role in the humanitarian efforts during the conflict. The Rafah crossing, the only exit point out of the Gaza Strip, has been instrumental in facilitating the transportation of Palestinians seeking medical treatment in Egypt. In early November, over 500 foreign nationals were transported to Egypt through a deal brokered by Qatar, Egypt, Israel, and Hamas. Egypt has also accepted over 80 injured and sick individuals for treatment through the Rafah crossing, primarily controlled by Egypt's intelligence ministry.

Evacuations and Medical Support

The Palestine Red Crescent Society, the World Health Organization, and the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs have coordinated limited evacuations of fragile patients from Gaza to Egypt. Premature babies, facing health complications due to electricity cuts, have been successfully transported to Egyptian hospitals via the Rafah crossing. The crossing has served as a lifeline for the most vulnerable Palestinians, ensuring their access to medical care during the Israeli bombardment. In summary, the criticism from a former Egyptian minister sheds light on the U.S.'s credibility in the Arab world amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The challenges faced by the U.S. in navigating this complex situation highlight the need for a reassessment of its role in the region. Egypt's pivotal humanitarian efforts, facilitated by the Rafah crossing, have played a crucial role in providing medical support to Palestinians in need.

U.S. Role in Gaza Conflict: Implications for New Business Formation

The ongoing Gaza conflict has sparked a debate about the United States' role and credibility on the global stage. Former Egyptian foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, has called for the U.S. to reassess its stance and uphold international law. This has implications for new businesses, particularly those with ties to the region or international policy.

U.S. Foreign Policy: A Balancing Act

The U.S.'s support for Israel's campaign against Hamas, despite international criticism, presents a complex situation for businesses. As President Biden faces isolation on this issue, businesses must navigate the political landscape carefully. The U.S.'s approach to the conflict, emphasizing civilian safety and aid, could influence corporate social responsibility strategies.

Business Lessons from Egypt's Humanitarian Role

Egypt's humanitarian role in the conflict, particularly its facilitation of medical treatment for Palestinians, offers insights for businesses. The importance of cross-border cooperation and humanitarian assistance can inform corporate strategies, particularly for businesses operating in conflict zones or providing humanitarian aid.

Medical Support: A Business Opportunity

The coordinated evacuations and medical support provided by various organizations highlight the vital role of healthcare in conflict zones. Businesses in the healthcare sector could potentially leverage these insights to provide much-needed services in such areas. In essence, the U.S.'s role in the Gaza conflict and Egypt's humanitarian efforts provide valuable lessons for new businesses. These include the importance of navigating complex political landscapes, the value of cross-border cooperation, and the potential business opportunities in providing healthcare in conflict zones.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/12/06/us-losing-a-tremendous-amount-of-credibility-in-the-arab-world-ex-egyptian-minister-says.html
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