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EU Wealth Tax and the Future of U.S. Capitalism: Bold Predictions for 2024 by a Leading Bank

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Saxo Bank's Outrageous Predictions for 2024: EU Wealth Tax, Obesity Drugs, and the End of U.S. Capitalism

Saxo Bank, in its annual report of "outrageous predictions," has put forward a series of bold forecasts for 2024. The Danish investment bank suggests that the world is at an inflection point, with the last decade's familiar road coming to an end. These predictions, although unlikely, have the potential to send shockwaves across financial markets.

EU Wealth Tax: A Modern Version of Robin Hood

Saxo Bank's Head of Equity Strategy, Peter Garnry, suggests that the European Union (EU) could implement a 2% wealth tax to fund long-term policy goals, including climate change mitigation, healthcare, education, and the war in Ukraine. Garnry argues that the low tax contributions of billionaires compared to the average population violate the core principle of reciprocity. A 2% wealth tax on EU billionaires could raise 42 billion euros ($45.5 billion) towards key policy aims, potentially impacting the luxury industry and leading to a plunge in shares of companies like LVMH, Porsche, and Ferrari.

Obesity Drugs: A Health Crisis in the Making

Saxo strategists highlight the success of GLP-1 obesity drugs, which could lead to a rise in global obesity rates from 39% to 45% in 2024. The increased reliance on these drugs, coupled with decreased exercise and increased junk food intake, may result in a host of health issues, including a rise in diabetes incidence, heart disease, and reduced muscle strength. The potential spike in demand for anti-obesity drugs, combined with limited supply, could leave those in need without access to treatment, exacerbating the health crisis.

The End of U.S. Capitalism: A Shift in Financial Dynamics

Saxo's Senior Fixed Income Strategist, Althea Spinozzi, hypothesizes that the U.S. government may be forced to increase defense spending while the Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy amidst a second wave of inflation. To avoid social unrest, Congress may increase fiscal spending, leading to a budget deficit above 10% of GDP. In an effort to finance this deficit, the government may make capital gains and interest income on U.S. Treasuries tax-free, shifting the attractiveness from stocks to domestic bonds. This move, according to Spinozzi, marks the end of capitalism as money flows from private corporations to the public, consolidating the market dominance of a select few. In addition to these predictions, Saxo Bank presents other bold forecasts, including oil hitting $150 per barrel, Saudi Arabia purchasing European soccer's Champions League, a generative AI deepfake triggering a national security crisis, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. winning the U.S. presidential election, Japan abandoning its yield curve control policy, and a coalition of deficit countries forming a "Rome Club" to restructure global trade dynamics. While these predictions may seem outrageous, Saxo Bank has a track record of some of its previous forecasts coming close to reality. As the world heads into 2024, these predictions serve as food for thought, sparking discussions and debates among investors and market participants.

Hot Take: Saxo Bank's Bold Predictions and Their Potential Impact on New Businesses

Saxo Bank's "outrageous predictions" for 2024, which include an EU wealth tax, a health crisis from obesity drugs, and the end of U.S. capitalism, could have significant implications for new business formations.

EU Wealth Tax: A Challenge or Opportunity?

The proposed 2% wealth tax in the EU, as suggested by Saxo Bank's Peter Garnry, could potentially disrupt the luxury industry. New businesses in this sector may need to rethink their strategies. However, the raised funds could also open opportunities in sectors like climate change mitigation, healthcare, and education.
Obesity Drugs: A Health Crisis and Market Demand
The predicted rise in global obesity rates and the potential spike in demand for anti-obesity drugs could present both challenges and opportunities for new businesses in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Companies may need to prepare for supply chain disruptions, but there could also be a significant market demand to tap into.

The End of U.S. Capitalism: A Financial Shift

Althea Spinozzi's hypothesis of the U.S. government making capital gains and interest income on U.S. Treasuries tax-free could lead to a shift in financial dynamics. This could impact new businesses, particularly those reliant on private investment. However, it could also consolidate the market dominance of a select few, presenting opportunities for strategic partnerships. In essence, Saxo Bank's bold predictions for 2024 highlight the potential for significant shifts in the global business landscape. While these predictions are far from certain, they offer valuable insights for new businesses, underscoring the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in a rapidly changing world.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/12/05/eu-wealth-tax-and-end-of-us-capitalism-saxos-outrageous-predictions.html
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