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Edmonton Declares "Game Over" for Video Game Testers Fighting for Better Conditions

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Keywords Studios Lay Off Unionized Video Game Testers in Edmonton

Recently, Keywords Studios in Edmonton laid off unionized video game testers amidst ongoing negotiations for a fair collective agreement. These sixteen testers, who made history by becoming the first unionized video gaming industry workers in Canada, had previously worked on quality assurance for BioWare, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

Fighting for Fairness

The workers cited low wages, lack of benefits, and health and safety concerns, especially during the pandemic, as reasons for unionizing. Despite spending over a year trying to negotiate a fair agreement, the shocking news of BioWare canceling the contract with Keywords Studios led to the layoff of the unionized staff.

A Call for Fairness

UFCW Canada, representing the workers, is launching a campaign to advocate for fairness. Activists and concerned individuals can send letters to the CEOs of Keywords Studios, BioWare, and Electronic Arts, urging them to prioritize fairness for their unionized staff. In conclusion, the layoff of unionized video game testers at Keywords Studios in Edmonton highlights the ongoing struggle for fair working conditions in the gaming industry. The fight for fair wages, benefits, and workplace safety continues, with the workers and their union standing firm in their commitment to achieving fairness and advocating for the rights of those in the industry.

Hot Take: The Impact of Unionized Layoffs on New Businesses in the Gaming Industry

The recent layoff of unionized video game testers at Keywords Studios in Edmonton could have significant implications for new businesses in the gaming industry. This move, amid ongoing negotiations for a fair collective agreement, sets a precedent for labor relations in the sector.

Setting Industry Standards

These layoffs could potentially influence the standards for wages, benefits, and workplace safety in the industry. New businesses may need to consider these factors when setting their own employment policies to ensure they attract and retain skilled workers.

Navigating Labor Relations

The layoffs also highlight the importance of constructive labor relations. New businesses will need to navigate negotiations with unions and other worker representatives effectively to maintain a stable workforce. This could involve investing in human resources and legal expertise. In conclusion, the layoff of unionized video game testers at Keywords Studios in Edmonton could significantly impact new businesses in the gaming industry. These businesses will need to navigate this evolving landscape, potentially incorporating strategies that ensure fair wages, benefits, and workplace safety, and foster positive labor relations.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/keywords-edmonton-says-game-over-for-video-game-testers-trying-to-fight-for-better
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