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Identifying Undervalued Stocks with Upside Potential

While concerns about an expensive S&P 500 persist, there are still value opportunities to be found in the market. CNBC Pro has identified well-liked stocks on the broad market index that are undervalued, trading at a significant discount compared to their average forward price-earnings ratio over the past five years. To ensure quality, the selected stocks have growing earnings and are expected to experience at least a 1% increase in per-share earnings this year. Additionally, a minimum of 60% of analysts covering these stocks rate them as a buy, and their consensus price targets suggest at least a 10% potential upside.


SolarEdge shares are currently trading at nearly a 200% discount compared to their average forward price-to-earnings ratio over the past five years. Despite a challenging period for the clean energy sector that has caused the stock to decline by over 46% year to date, more than two-thirds of analysts remain optimistic about SolarEdge. JPMorgan and Citi have recently highlighted the stock as a promising value play, driven by their positive long-term outlook on the residential solar energy market. Analysts estimate that shares could potentially rise by 91.3% from the previous close.


Disney has also made the list of undervalued stocks. The media giant has faced various challenges this year, including a blackout fight with Charter Communications, declining ad revenue, and Hollywood strikes. Consequently, Disney shares are currently trading at a 74% discount and have declined by 3.4% year to date. However, analysts believe that the stock has the potential to rally by over 30% from the previous close. Bank of America reiterated its buy rating on Disney following the agreement with Charter Communications, highlighting the opportunity for Disney+ distribution through this partnership. In conclusion, despite concerns about an overvalued market, there are still undervalued stocks with upside potential. SolarEdge and Disney are among the stocks identified as trading at significant discounts to their historical levels. Analysts remain optimistic about their prospects, highlighting positive long-term views on the residential solar energy market and potential growth opportunities in the streaming industry. Investors should consider these undervalued stocks as potential investment opportunities.

Conclusion: Impact on New Businesses

The identification of undervalued stocks with upside potential, such as SolarEdge and Disney, provides valuable insights for new businesses. These examples highlight the importance of long-term growth strategies and the ability to adapt to market changes, even in challenging periods.

Lessons from SolarEdge

SolarEdge's situation emphasizes the potential of the clean energy sector despite its current challenges. New businesses, particularly those in the renewable energy market, can take inspiration from SolarEdge's resilience and the positive long-term outlook held by analysts. This underscores the importance of innovation and strategic planning in overcoming industry downturns.

Insights from Disney

Disney's experience illustrates how businesses can navigate multiple challenges while still being viewed as a valuable investment. New businesses can learn from Disney's ability to leverage partnerships, like the one with Charter Communications, to create new growth opportunities. It also highlights the importance of diversification, as seen in Disney's expansion into streaming services. In conclusion, while the market may seem overvalued, there are still undervalued stocks with potential for growth. New businesses can learn valuable lessons from these companies about resilience, strategic partnerships, and diversification. By staying informed about market trends and analyst perspectives, new businesses can better position themselves for success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/12/these-are-the-markets-cheapest-stocks-with-upside-including-one-expected-to-have-a-90percent-comeback.html
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