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Diane Francis: Russia Poses as the True Global Menace

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Diane Francis: Russia Poses as the True Global Menace

The conflicts in Israel-Gaza and Ukraine-Russia are not isolated events but are interconnected as part of a world war initiated by Vladimir Putin to restore the Soviet Union's empire. Putin's strategy operates through various means, including the use of operatives, non-state players like Hamas, and extremist political groups. Russia's mercenary Wagner Group also plays a role in destabilizing regions across Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. These tactics provide Russia with plausible deniability while waging a war against the West, aiming to create unrest, violence, and political polarization. The evidence of Russia's involvement surfaces gradually, but there is still a lack of global consensus on recognizing Putin's World War 3 and the need for a unified effort to counter it. Instead, leaders engage in individual negotiations and debates over funding, failing to grasp the common enemy behind all conflicts. To achieve peace, it is crucial to identify, track, and defeat Russia's network of operatives and allies. Israel's recent experience highlights the consequences of underestimating Putin's intentions. Unaware of Russia's support for Hamas, Israel found itself in conflict with a terrorist organization that was backed by its former ally. The resulting retaliation by Israel led to widespread destruction and casualties, which Russia seized upon to amplify the plight of Palestinian civilians and sow division among allies. The failure to adopt a global approach in addressing Russia's actions has allowed allies to be pitted against each other and caught off guard. This same naivety was evident in the Ukrainian war, where the West failed to recognize Putin's gradual encroachment in Eastern Europe. To counter Russia's hybrid warfare, which includes political meddling, countries like Canada must actively participate in a global alliance and strengthen their defenses. It is essential for Canada to fulfill its NATO obligations, investigate potential Russian influence within its borders, and take steps to safeguard its resources and Arctic region. Electing a Prime Minister who prioritizes Canada's role in countering Russia's aggression and upholding international alliances is crucial. The threat posed by Russia is not limited to specific regions; it is a global menace that requires a united front to overcome.

The Impact of Global Political Unrest on New Businesses

Understanding the Global Landscape

The geopolitical tensions stirred by Russia, as outlined by Diane Francis, can have profound implications for new businesses. The interconnected conflicts in Israel-Gaza and Ukraine-Russia, driven by Putin's ambition to restore the Soviet Union's empire, create a volatile global landscape. This instability can disrupt international trade, affect supply chains, and create uncertainty that can deter investment.

Navigating Political Risks

New businesses, particularly those with international operations or aspirations, must be aware of these risks. They need to understand the potential impacts of political meddling, unrest, violence, and polarization on their operations and markets. This requires careful monitoring of international developments, robust risk management strategies, and, in some cases, contingency planning.
Opportunities Amidst Challenges
However, it's not all doom and gloom. The global effort to counter Russia's actions could also create opportunities. For instance, businesses that can contribute to strengthening national defenses, whether through technology, infrastructure, or services, may find growing demand for their offerings. Similarly, businesses that can help countries reduce their dependence on Russian resources could also benefit. In conclusion, while the global menace posed by Russia presents challenges, it also underscores the importance of political awareness and agility for new businesses. It's a reminder that business doesn't operate in a vacuum, and that global events can have local impacts.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/diane-francis/russia-true-global-menace
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