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Deutsche Bank Recommends Investing in This Sports Betting Company for Short-Term Gains

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Deutsche Bank Bullish on Short-Term Investment in Penn National Gaming

Deutsche Bank, while skeptical about the long-term prospects of Penn National Gaming, has expressed a bullish stance on the company's shares in the short-term. Analyst Carlo Santarelli has given a catalyst call buy rating to the sports betting company, known as PENN Entertainment. Santarelli has maintained his $29 price target on the shares, suggesting a potential rally of over 35% from Wednesday's closing price. The stock saw a nearly 5% increase in premarket trading on Thursday.

Short-Term Favorable Setup

Santarelli believes that while the risk-reward dynamic for Penn National Gaming's shares is fairly balanced in the medium to long term, the company's shares are well-positioned for short-term gains. He cites a combination of catalyst events, an attractive valuation, relatively high short interest, and limited investor interest on the long side as factors contributing to the favorable setup for the shares.

Positive Developments and Market Potential

Penn National Gaming signed a licensing deal with ESPN in August to rebrand its sportsbook as ESPN BET, scheduled to launch in November. This exclusive 10-year agreement for the ESPN Bet trademark in the U.S. has the potential for extension. Santarelli expects the launch to drive market share gains, generate attention from mainstream financial media outlets, and contribute to healthy handle and GGR OSB market share growth.

Anticipated Market Share Gains

While the success of customer acquisition spend remains uncertain throughout 2023, Santarelli believes that the burden will initially rest with the company in the early stages of market share gains. He expects the shares to respond positively to the anticipated gains in November and December.

Upcoming Events and Investor Perception

Santarelli also highlights the significance of Penn National Gaming's October analyst and investor meeting at the M Resort in Las Vegas. This event is expected to increase awareness of the company's development pipeline. Additionally, an Investor Day in December, likely focusing on ESPN BET, will showcase the brand's early traction. These events have the potential to positively influence investor perception. In conclusion, Deutsche Bank's short-term bullish outlook on Penn National Gaming reflects the favorable setup for the company's shares. Anticipated market share gains, the rebranding partnership with ESPN, and upcoming events contribute to the positive sentiment. However, the long-term prospects remain uncertain, and the stock has experienced a decline of nearly 28% year to date.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The bullish short-term stance of Deutsche Bank on Penn National Gaming provides valuable insights for new businesses, particularly those in the sports betting industry.

Understanding Market Dynamics

Santarelli's analysis underscores the importance of understanding market dynamics and investor sentiment. New businesses must be aware of the risk-reward balance and the potential impact of catalyst events, valuation, and investor interest on their shares.

Strategic Partnerships and Branding

Penn National Gaming's rebranding partnership with ESPN demonstrates the potential of strategic partnerships in driving market share gains and media attention. New businesses should consider such alliances to enhance their brand visibility and market position.

Customer Acquisition and Market Share

The success of customer acquisition efforts remains uncertain in the long term, but initial market share gains can positively influence share prices. New businesses must focus on customer acquisition strategies that can deliver short-term results while laying the groundwork for long-term success. In conclusion, the short-term bullish outlook on Penn National Gaming offers valuable lessons for new businesses. By understanding market dynamics, leveraging strategic partnerships, and focusing on customer acquisition, new businesses can position themselves for short-term success even in uncertain long-term scenarios.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/14/this-sports-betting-company-is-a-good-short-term-buy-deutsche-bank-says.html
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