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Credit Suisse Strategist: U.S. Market's Reliance on Expensive 'Magnificent Seven' Stocks is a Cause for Concern

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Credit Suisse Strategist Warns of U.S. Market's Reliance on Expensive 'Magnificent Seven' Stocks

Credit Suisse's global equity strategist Andrew Garthwaite has raised concerns about the U.S. market's heavy dependence on a group of expensive stocks known as the 'Magnificent Seven.' Garthwaite argues that while the U.S. market typically acts defensively during economic downturns, this strategy may not be effective this time. He points out that the U.S. market, currently representing around 60% of the global market cap, is at the top end of its range in terms of normalized earnings, as measured by the Shiller P/E ratio.

The Overvalued Nature of the Market

Garthwaite attributes the overvalued state of the market to the significant rise of technology stocks, particularly the 'Magnificent Seven' which includes Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla. These stocks have reached "extreme levels" in terms of relative valuations, leading to concerns about the U.S. market's overexposure to these companies.

Challenges in Maintaining High Valuations

While Credit Suisse remains optimistic about tech stocks, Garthwaite believes that sustaining the current high price-to-earnings multiples for the 'Magnificent Seven' will be challenging. He highlights the staggering impact of Apple and Nvidia on the S&P 500's market capitalization growth, accounting for 15% and 16% respectively since the beginning of the year. Additionally, Garthwaite points out that the tech sector's relative earnings strength is tied to the weakening dollar, which has now reversed, and the potential slowdown in corporate stock repurchases.

Concerns for Relative Performance

Garthwaite expresses concern about the potential impact of a sharp slowdown in corporate net buying on the U.S. market's relative performance. He emphasizes that corporate sector net buying and buybacks have played a more significant role in the U.S. market compared to other major markets. Therefore, any significant decrease in corporate net buying could have a major impact on the market's performance. In conclusion, Credit Suisse's Andrew Garthwaite warns about the U.S. market's heavy reliance on the expensive 'Magnificent Seven' stocks. The overvalued nature of these stocks, coupled with challenges in maintaining high valuations, raises concerns about the market's vulnerability. New investors should carefully consider these factors and diversify their portfolios to mitigate risks associated with overexposure to a limited group of stocks.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

Andrew Garthwaite's warning about the U.S. market's heavy reliance on the 'Magnificent Seven' stocks offers a critical lesson for new businesses, particularly those in the tech sector or those considering investment in such companies.

Overreliance on High-Value Stocks

The overvalued nature of these stocks and the market's overexposure to them highlight the risks of overreliance on a limited number of high-value stocks. New businesses, especially startups seeking investment, should be aware of these risks and strive for diversified funding sources.

Challenging Market Conditions

The potential difficulties in maintaining high price-to-earnings multiples for these stocks, along with the reversal of the weakening dollar and potential slowdown in corporate stock repurchases, indicate challenging market conditions. New businesses should be prepared to navigate these challenges and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Impact on Investment Decisions

For new businesses considering investment options, Garthwaite's analysis provides a valuable perspective. It underscores the importance of diversification and careful consideration of market trends and conditions. In conclusion, the U.S. market's heavy reliance on the 'Magnificent Seven' stocks and the associated risks highlight the importance of diversification and adaptability for new businesses. By understanding these market dynamics, new businesses can make informed decisions and build resilience in the face of potential market volatility.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/13/us-market-is-too-reliant-on-pricey-magnificent-seven-says-credit-suisse-strategist.html
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