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CPA Study Shows Canadians' Holiday Spending Surges Amid Economic Challenges

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Canadians' Holiday Spending Rises Despite Economic Challenges, Reveals CPA Study

According to a study conducted by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), Canadians are prepared to increase their holiday spending this year, despite concerns about high inflation rates. The study reveals that the average Canadian consumer plans to spend $645 on holiday gifts, a significant increase from the previous year. However, rising costs of living and inflation worries have led to some apprehension among shoppers. A considerable number of Canadians expressed concerns about the affordability of holiday gifts, with nearly one-third considering taking on debt to fund their purchases.

Strategies for Balancing Festive Cheer and Fiscal Responsibility

To manage holiday spending, Canadians are exploring various cost-cutting measures. These include opting for discounted items, reducing the number of gifts, utilizing loyalty points, and considering non-traditional gifts such as homemade or shared experiences. However, the study also highlights the importance of caution when using credit cards to bridge financial gaps.

Importance of Planning and Budgeting

Doretta Thompson, CPA Canada's financial literacy leader, emphasizes the significance of planning ahead, researching, and budgeting for holiday gifts to avoid accumulating debt. While the majority of respondents reported setting a budget for holiday spending, only a small percentage had saved more money for this year's holiday expenses. Thompson encourages Canadians to adopt prudent financial habits in light of the current economic climate. In conclusion, while Canadians are optimistic about their holiday spending, it is crucial to exercise fiscal responsibility and make informed financial decisions. Planning, budgeting, and exploring cost-saving strategies can help individuals enjoy the holiday season without falling into excessive debt.

Implications of Rising Holiday Spending for New Businesses in Canada

The recent CPA Canada study revealing a rise in Canadians' holiday spending, despite economic challenges, presents both opportunities and risks for new businesses. The fact that the average Canadian consumer plans to spend $645 on holiday gifts, a notable increase from the previous year, suggests a potential boost in sales for businesses, particularly those in the retail sector.

Adapting to Consumer Spending Strategies

However, the study also indicates that consumers are becoming more cost-conscious, exploring various cost-cutting measures such as opting for discounted items and reducing the number of gifts. This trend could necessitate new businesses to offer competitive pricing or value-added services to attract these frugal shoppers.

Addressing Consumer Debt Concerns

The study's finding that nearly one-third of Canadians are considering taking on debt to fund their holiday purchases is a concern. New businesses, especially those offering credit facilities, need to be aware of this potential increase in consumer debt. They should ensure they have robust credit management strategies in place to mitigate potential risks. In conclusion, while the rise in holiday spending could be a boon for new businesses, it's crucial for these businesses to understand and adapt to the changing consumer spending patterns and debt landscape. By doing so, they can better position themselves to capitalize on the holiday spending surge while managing potential risks.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/new-cpa-study-reveals-canadians-holiday-spending-soars-despite-economic-snowstorms
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