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Complications Arise in Couple's Attempt to Legally Split as Quickie 'Fraud' Divorce Surfaces

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Consequences of a "Fraud" Divorce on Legally Splitting Couples

Couples who attempt to bypass the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in Canada may face significant consequences. In a recent case, Justice Geoffrey B. Gomery of the Supreme Court of British Columbia uncovered a couple's fraudulent divorce, which complicated their subsequent separation and property division proceedings.

The Issue of False Declarations

The couple in question obtained a divorce in 2005, falsely declaring that they had been living separately since 2003. However, they continued their relationship until their actual separation in 2017. Justice Gomery found that the divorce order was obtained through fraud, as the couple jointly colluded to present false information to the court.

Implications for Property Division

The fraudulent divorce order significantly impacted the resolution of the couple's claims arising from their separation in 2017. It affected the court's assessment of the duration of their marriage-like relationship and the division of assets. The judge voided the divorce order, emphasizing that a divorce should not be easily obtained and that perjury undermines the legislation and public policy.
Legal Consequences and Future Divorce Proceedings
The husband was ordered to pay the wife a significant amount on account of property division and spousal support. While the couple has now been separated for at least one year, they remain legally married until they reapply for divorce. However, their previous false statements made under oath may need to be addressed, potentially invoking the section of the Criminal Code that criminalizes misleading justice. In conclusion, this case serves as a cautionary tale for couples attempting to circumvent the legal requirements for divorce. The enduring consequences of fraudulent declarations highlight the importance of honesty and integrity in legal proceedings.

Implications of Fraudulent Divorce Cases for New Businesses

The recent case of a fraudulent divorce in Canada, as uncovered by Justice Geoffrey B. Gomery, offers a critical lesson for new businesses, particularly those operating in the legal sector. The case underscores the importance of integrity and adherence to legal requirements, which are fundamental to any business operation.

Business Ethics and Legal Compliance

The couple's attempt to bypass legal divorce requirements through false declarations resulted in severe consequences, including financial penalties and ongoing legal complexities. For new businesses, this case serves as a stark reminder of the potential repercussions of unethical practices and non-compliance with legal norms.

Impact on Business Reputation

Furthermore, the case highlights how fraudulent actions can significantly impact a business's reputation. In this context, businesses offering legal services, such as divorce proceedings, must ensure that they uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct to maintain their credibility and client trust.
Future Business Operations
Moving forward, businesses must be vigilant in identifying potential fraudulent activities and ensuring that their operations align with legal requirements. This case serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of honesty, integrity, and legal compliance in business operations. It's a reminder that while seeking quick solutions may seem appealing, the long-term consequences can be detrimental to a business's success.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/personal-finance/family-finance/fraud-divorce-complicates-real-split
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