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Commercial Fishing Groups Sue 13 US Tire Makers Over Deadly Rubber Preservative Impact on Salmon

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Commercial Fishing Groups Sue 13 US Tire Makers Over Deadly Rubber Preservative's Impact on Salmon

A pair of California commercial fishing organizations has filed a lawsuit against the 13 largest US tire manufacturers, demanding they cease using a chemical in their tires that is harmful to migrating salmon. The rubber preservative, known as 6PPD, has been used in tires for decades and is left behind on roads and parking lots as tires wear down. When rain washes these particles into rivers, they break down into a deadly byproduct called 6PPD-quinone, which poses a threat to salmon, steelhead trout, and other aquatic wildlife. The fishing organizations argue that this issue is an environmental disaster with devastating impacts on threatened and endangered species.

The Lawsuit and Response

The Institute for Fisheries Resources and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations have filed the lawsuit against tire manufacturers such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Continental. The tire makers and the US Tire Manufacturers Association have not provided immediate comments on the matter. However, Bridgestone has stated its commitment to safety, quality, and the environment and its ongoing research into alternative and sustainable materials for its products.

Environmental Concerns and Regulatory Action

The use of 6PPD in tires has raised concerns about its impact on the environment and public safety. The fishing organizations' lawsuit comes after three West Coast Native American tribes petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prohibit the chemical earlier this year. The EPA has granted the petition, initiating a regulatory process that could lead to a ban on 6PPD. Efforts to protect salmon populations and the endangered killer whales that rely on them are underway on various fronts in the Pacific Northwest. In conclusion, the lawsuit against tire manufacturers highlights the urgent need to address the harmful effects of 6PPD on salmon and other aquatic wildlife. The outcome of this legal action and the EPA's regulatory process could have significant implications for the tire industry and the protection of endangered species.

Implications of the Lawsuit Against US Tire Makers for New Businesses

The lawsuit filed by California commercial fishing organizations against the 13 largest US tire manufacturers could have considerable implications for new businesses, particularly those in the automotive and tire manufacturing industries. The lawsuit centers around the use of 6PPD, a rubber preservative harmful to aquatic wildlife, particularly migrating salmon.

Environmental Responsibility and Business Practices

This case underscores the increasing importance of environmental responsibility in business practices. New businesses, especially those in industries with potential environmental impacts, must be proactive in ensuring their operations do not harm the environment. The potential ban on 6PPD serves as a warning that regulatory bodies are willing to take action against harmful practices.

Research and Development for Sustainability

The lawsuit also highlights the need for research and development into sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives. Companies like Bridgestone are already investing in researching alternative materials. For new businesses, this emphasizes the value of innovation and sustainability in product development.
Long-term Business Impact
The long-term impact of this lawsuit could be significant. If the EPA bans 6PPD, it could disrupt the tire industry, forcing manufacturers to find alternatives quickly. This could present opportunities for new businesses that can offer sustainable solutions. In conclusion, this case demonstrates the critical intersection of environmental responsibility, regulatory compliance, and business strategy.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/commercial-fishing-groups-sue-13-us-tire-makers-over-rubber-preservative-thats-deadly-to-salmon
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