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Coinbase's Recovery Has More Room to Grow as Retail Investors Begin to Reconnect with Cryptocurrency, Notes Needham

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Coinbase's Potential for Further Growth as Retail Investors Rediscover Crypto, Notes Needham

According to Needham, Coinbase shares have significant room for further growth, despite already experiencing a 13% increase since the start of December. Needham recently raised its price target on Coinbase to $160 from $120, indicating a potential 13% upside. Analyst John Todaro from Needham highlighted improved competitive positioning for Coinbase and expressed optimism about the crypto industry following Binance's settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice. Todaro noted that Coinbase's increased market share provides additional pricing opportunities to offset the natural decline in take rates due to a mix shift.

Benefiting from Institutional Interest

Coinbase, as the largest U.S. crypto exchange, has benefited from recent surges in the price of bitcoin, primarily driven by institutional investors. The anticipation of the first spot bitcoin ETF in the U.S. early next year has further fueled optimism, with many expecting increased institutional participation. Coinbase's custody partnerships with prominent funds such as BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, and WisdomTree position the company to capitalize on the growing institutional interest.

Challenges in Retail Investor Engagement

While institutional interest has been on the rise, retail investors' appetite for crypto remains relatively low, as per Needham's analysis. Retail sentiment is measured using indicators such as Google search trends, Coinbase's Apple app store ranking, and crypto website visits. Todaro noted that retail engagement has been considerably lower compared to previous years, despite recent price gains. However, Needham expects these trends to change as the new cycle progresses.

Bitcoin Dominance and Market Cycle

Needham's analysis also considers bitcoin dominance, which measures the market cap of bitcoin relative to the entire crypto market. Currently, bitcoin is in the earliest stage of a new cycle, typically marked by significant growth around the Bitcoin halving event. The next halving is expected in spring 2024. Dominance tends to rise during bear markets, as investors seek the safety of bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies. It tends to fall during bull markets as new coins gain traction. Todaro highlighted that dominance has remained near bear market highs, indicating that it is still early in the cycle. In conclusion, Needham's analysis suggests that Coinbase has the potential for further growth as retail investors gradually rediscover crypto. While institutional interest has been a driving force, retail engagement is expected to improve as the market cycle progresses. Coinbase's strategic positioning and custody partnerships position the company to capitalize on these evolving trends in the crypto industry.

Hot Take: Coinbase's Growth Prospects and Impact on New Business Formation in Crypto

The recent analysis by Needham on Coinbase's growth potential could have significant implications for new businesses in the crypto industry. Needham's increased price target for Coinbase, coupled with the company's improved competitive positioning, could inspire new businesses to explore similar growth strategies and competitive positioning in the crypto market.

Capitalizing on Institutional Interest

Coinbase's success in leveraging institutional interest, as evidenced by the recent surges in bitcoin prices, offers a blueprint for new businesses. The anticipation of the first spot bitcoin ETF in the U.S. could spur increased institutional participation, providing opportunities for new businesses to tap into this growing market segment.

Addressing Retail Investor Engagement

While retail investors' appetite for crypto remains relatively low, Needham expects this trend to change as the market cycle progresses. This could serve as a wake-up call for new businesses to develop strategies that appeal to retail investors, potentially expanding their customer base and driving growth.

Understanding Market Cycles

Needham's consideration of bitcoin dominance and market cycles provides valuable insights for new businesses. Understanding these cycles could help new businesses time their market entry and product offerings, maximizing their growth potential. In essence, Needham's analysis of Coinbase's growth prospects could serve as a guide for new businesses in the crypto industry, providing insights on leveraging institutional interest, engaging retail investors, and navigating market cycles. These considerations could prove crucial in shaping the strategies of new businesses looking to make their mark in the crypto industry.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/12/05/coinbase-stock-has-upside-as-retail-investors-rediscover-crypto-needham-says.html
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