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CNBC/Generation Lab Survey Reveals Gen Z and Millennials Struggle More with "Adulting" Compared to Their Parents

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Gen Z and Millennials Face Challenges in Achieving Traditional Milestones

A recent poll by CNBC and Generation Lab reveals that Gen Z and millennial adults are encountering difficulties in reaching the same milestones their parents achieved when they entered the workforce. The survey, which included 1,039 respondents aged 18 to 34 across the U.S., highlights the following challenges: 55% find it "much harder" to purchase a home, 44% struggle to find a job, and 55% face obstacles in getting promoted.

Changing Nature of Work and Economic Opportunities

Certified financial planner Blair duQuesnay notes that the nature of work has been evolving even before the pandemic. Unlike previous generations who often remained in one job for their entire careers, younger adults are experiencing a shift towards non-traditional employment opportunities. While this may not provide the stability required to purchase a home, there are glimmers of optimism amidst the prevailing pessimism about the nation and the world.

Financial Concerns and Optimism

The survey reveals that around 50% of respondents believe that inflation will have a highly negative impact on their future financial well-being. However, this perception may be influenced by the current economic landscape and media narratives surrounding inflation. On a positive note, the majority of Gen Zers and millennials do not let student loan debt hinder major life decisions such as marriage, starting a family, or buying a home. Additionally, 68% of respondents report having less than $20,000 in outstanding debt, including credit card and student loans.

Loyalty to Employers and Views on Investing

Contrary to popular belief, a significant 43% of younger workers express loyalty to their employers. This loyalty indicates that employers have made efforts to enhance employee morale. In terms of investing, 63% of those polled believe that the stock market is a good avenue for building wealth. However, due to the financial instability witnessed by Gen Z and millennials, 37% harbor doubts about the stock market's ability to provide stability and financial growth.

Impact of Upbringing and Rise of Cryptocurrency

Younger adults' skepticism towards the stock market can be attributed to their upbringing, particularly the lasting impact of the 2008 financial crisis. The memory of their parents losing jobs and homes during that period has left a significant impression. Furthermore, the emergence of cryptocurrency presents an alternative to traditional financial systems, allowing individuals to opt-out and explore new avenues for financial growth. In conclusion, Gen Z and millennials face unique challenges in achieving traditional milestones. While financial concerns and economic uncertainties persist, there are opportunities for economic growth and optimism. Employers should continue to prioritize employee morale, and younger investors may explore alternative investment options as they navigate the evolving financial landscape.

Implications of Gen Z and Millennials' Challenges on New Business Formation

The recent poll by CNBC and Generation Lab provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by Gen Z and millennials in achieving traditional milestones. These challenges could have significant implications for new business formations.

The Changing Work Landscape and Business Opportunities

The shift in work dynamics towards non-traditional employment opportunities, as noted by certified financial planner Blair duQuesnay, could open up new avenues for entrepreneurship. Young adults may leverage their unique skills and talents to create innovative business models that cater to the evolving market needs.

Financial Concerns and New Business Strategies

The financial concerns of Gen Z and millennials, including the fear of inflation and student loan debt, could influence their business decisions. New businesses may need to consider these concerns when developing their business strategies. For instance, they could focus on offering affordable products or services or flexible payment options to attract this demographic.

Loyalty to Employers and Investment Perspectives

The significant loyalty expressed by younger workers towards their employers suggests that new businesses can retain talent by enhancing employee morale. Furthermore, the mixed views on investing in the stock market could encourage new businesses to explore alternative investment options, such as crowdfunding or venture capital.

Impact of Past Experiences and Cryptocurrency on Business Models

The lasting impact of the 2008 financial crisis on younger adults and the rise of cryptocurrency could shape new business models. New businesses could focus on building trust and stability to attract younger investors. Additionally, they could incorporate cryptocurrency into their business models to cater to the growing interest in alternative financial systems. In a nutshell, the unique challenges and perspectives of Gen Z and millennials could shape the future of new business formations. By understanding these challenges and perspectives, new businesses can develop strategies that cater to this demographic's needs and preferences.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/07/gen-z-millennials-have-a-harder-time-adulting-than-their-parents.html
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