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CMHC Reports Minimum $1 Trillion Required to Attain Housing Affordability

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At Least $1 Trillion Needed to Achieve Housing Affordability, CMHC Says

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) has released a new study stating that an investment of at least $1 trillion is required to address the housing affordability crisis in Canada. The study highlights the need to build millions of homes to close the affordability gap by 2030. CMHC emphasizes the crucial role of the private sector in achieving this goal, as more than 95% of Canada's housing stock is privately-owned. Deputy Chief Economist Aled ab Iorwerth emphasizes that the government alone cannot meet this enormous financial requirement and calls for increased private sector involvement. CMHC acknowledges that social housing, accounting for only around 4% of the overall housing stock, will not fully address the challenges within the housing system. To tackle the affordability issue, a combination of government policies, investments, and increased participation from the private sector is imperative. Expanding the rental sector is a key focus, and ab Iorwerth stresses the need for significant private sector investment to encourage its growth. Any factors that hinder this incentive would worsen supply and negatively impact affordability for everyone. CMHC also highlights the importance of addressing negative practices by private landlords through effective regulation, rather than blaming the entire industry. The agency calls for municipalities and provinces to provide data on the scale of these practices to better understand their impact on affordability. In conclusion, CMHC's study underscores the substantial financial investment required to achieve housing affordability in Canada. Collaboration between the private sector and government, along with effective regulation, is crucial to address the housing crisis and ensure affordable housing options for all.

Hot Take: The Impact of Housing Affordability Crisis on New Businesses

The recent study by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) revealing a $1 trillion investment requirement to address Canada's housing affordability crisis has significant implications for new businesses. Specifically, those in the real estate, construction, and property management sectors will be directly affected. The report's emphasis on the need for private sector involvement to build millions of homes by 2030 presents both an opportunity and a challenge. On one hand, it opens up vast avenues for growth and investment for new businesses in the housing sector. On the other hand, it also means these businesses will be under immense pressure to deliver affordable housing solutions quickly and efficiently. The CMHC's call for expanding the rental sector and encouraging significant private sector investment could potentially stimulate a boom in the property rental and management industry. However, the agency's warning against practices that hinder this incentive underscores the need for ethical business practices and effective regulation. The study also highlights the need for collaboration between the private sector, government, and regulatory bodies. This means new businesses must be prepared to navigate complex regulatory environments and foster strong relationships with government entities. In conclusion, while the CMHC's report presents significant challenges, it also opens up opportunities for new businesses willing to step up and contribute to solving Canada's housing affordability crisis.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/real-estate/1-trillion-needed-housing-affordability-canada-cmhc
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