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Citi Highlights Over 10 European Value Stocks for Both Risk-Takers and the Cautious

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Citi Analysts Identify European Value Stocks for Investors

According to analysts at Citi, European value stocks are outperforming growth stocks at the moment. In a research note, the analysts recommend that investors remain cautious and consider both Quality Value and Risky Value options. Citi defines "quality" value stocks as those ranking in the top fifth and fourth quintiles for value, low risk, and quality. On the other hand, "risky" value stocks are those in the top fifth and fourth quintiles for value, but the first and second quintiles for low risk and quality. Despite investors' relatively low risk aversion, Citi notes that risky value stocks have gained 8.6% year-to-date, while quality value stocks have declined by 0.3%. However, since the start of August, investors have become more cautious, resulting in a 4.6% increase for quality value stocks and a 0.6% decrease for risky value stocks.

'Quality Value' Stocks

Citi's screening process for quality value stocks involved looking for stocks that scored in the seventh or above decile for value, and in the sixth or above decile for "value low risk" and quality. Notable companies that made the list include HSBC Holdings, which scored 9 for value, quality, and low risk. Other financial services sector companies on the list are Zurich Insurance Group, ABN AMRO, and CaixaBank. Additionally, Tesco, Imperial Brands, and Nokia are among the companies that turned up on this screen.

'Risky Value' Stocks

For the screen of risky value stocks, Citi looked for stocks that scored in the seventh or above decile for value, and in the fifth or below decile for "value low risk" and quality. TotalEnergies, a French company, scored 10 for value and five for quality and low risk, making it onto the list. Other companies that scored 10 for value include BNP Paribas, BMW, and A.P. Moller Maersk. The list also includes Bayer, Swiss Life Holding, and WPP PLC. In conclusion, Citi analysts recommend European value stocks as a favorable investment option. The distinction between quality value and risky value stocks allows investors to choose based on their risk appetite. The screening process conducted by Citi has identified several companies from various industries that show potential for growth. Investors should carefully consider their investment strategies and the specific characteristics of each stock before making any decisions.

European Value Stocks: A Potential Opportunity for New Business Formation

Citi analysts' recent identification of European value stocks as outperforming growth stocks could have implications for new business formations. The analysts' distinction between "Quality Value" and "Risky Value" stocks provides a nuanced perspective on investment opportunities.

Quality Value Stocks and Business Opportunities

Citi's screening process, which identifies quality value stocks as those ranking high for value, low risk, and quality, could potentially guide new businesses in their strategic planning and market positioning. Companies like HSBC Holdings, Zurich Insurance Group, ABN AMRO, and CaixaBank, which have made the list, could serve as models for new businesses in the financial services sector. Additionally, the inclusion of companies like Tesco, Imperial Brands, and Nokia could provide insights for businesses in diverse sectors.

Risky Value Stocks and Risk Assessment

The identification of risky value stocks, which score high for value but lower for low risk and quality, could be particularly instructive for startups and new businesses. Understanding the characteristics of these stocks, which include companies like TotalEnergies, BNP Paribas, BMW, and A.P. Moller Maersk, could help new businesses assess potential risks and rewards in their respective markets. In light of these insights, new businesses could potentially benefit from the trends identified by Citi analysts. The performance of European value stocks and the distinction between quality and risky value stocks could inform business strategies, risk assessment, and market positioning. As always, careful consideration and due diligence are crucial in leveraging these insights for business growth and success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/22/looking-for-value-stocks-citi-lists-over-10-global-names.html
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