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China's Launch of a Huge New Fund to Combat the US in the Technology War

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China's Launch of a New Investment Fund to Compete with the US in Tech

China is set to launch a significant state-backed investment fund aimed at bolstering the Chinese semiconductor sector and competing with the US, according to Reuters. The fund, part of the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment, is expected to raise around $41 billion and will be the third of its kind, following similar funds launched in 2014 and 2019. The US and China have been engaged in a trade war, with both countries vying for technological supremacy in advanced semiconductor production for sectors like artificial intelligence and computing.

China's Investment Strategy

The new fund will seek to raise capital, with China's finance ministry planning to contribute 60 billion yuan ($9.3 billion) to the total of 300 billion yuan. Previous funds received financing from state-owned entities such as the China Development Bank Capital, the China National Tobacco Corporation, and China Telecom. Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and Hua Hong Semiconductor, the two largest Chinese chip manufacturers, received funding from the previous funds.

China's Response in the Tech War

This new fund is the latest move by China in the ongoing tech war with the US. In August, it was revealed that China had revived a program in 2020 to recruit foreign-trained scientists for technological research, particularly in the semiconductor industry. The Biden administration has imposed restrictions on the semiconductor industry, including blacklisting multiple Chinese companies involved in chip manufacturing and limiting investments in certain Chinese companies in the semiconductor, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence sectors.

Global Semiconductor Landscape

Currently, Taiwan dominates the global semiconductor market, producing 63% of the world's semiconductors, with the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company accounting for 54% of the total supply. China's ambitions to strengthen its semiconductor industry are driven by a desire to reduce reliance on foreign technology and establish itself as a global leader in the sector.

In conclusion, China's launch of a new investment fund reflects its determination to compete with the US in the tech sector, particularly in advanced semiconductor production. This move is part of China's broader strategy to bolster its domestic semiconductor industry and reduce reliance on foreign technology. The ongoing tech war between the US and China continues to shape the global semiconductor landscape and has significant implications for the future of technology and innovation.

Implications for New Businesses Amidst the Tech War

China's launch of a substantial state-backed investment fund to bolster its semiconductor sector has significant implications for new businesses.

Global Supply Chain Dynamics

The ongoing tech war between the US and China is reshaping global supply chain dynamics. New businesses, particularly those in the tech sector, will need to navigate these shifting landscapes and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Investment Opportunities and Challenges

The tech war also presents both opportunities and challenges for investment. While China's new fund could open up opportunities for businesses in the semiconductor industry, the restrictions imposed by the US on certain Chinese companies could limit investment options.

In conclusion, the tech war between the US and China, underscored by China's launch of a new investment fund, is reshaping the global tech landscape. New businesses will need to stay informed and adaptable in order to navigate these changes and seize the opportunities that arise. The ongoing developments in the tech war highlight the importance of strategic planning and risk management in today's volatile business environment.

Story First Published at: https://dailycaller.com/2023/09/05/china-launch-massive-fund-fight-us-tech-war/
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