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China-Focused ETFs Show Strong Performance in 2022, One Expected to Surge by 40%

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China-Focused ETFs Show Resilience Amidst Challenging Market Conditions

Chinese stock markets have faced significant challenges in 2023, with major indexes such as the Shenzhen Component, Shanghai Composite, and Hang Seng Index experiencing losses over various timeframes. However, amidst this market downturn, China-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have emerged as a bright spot, delivering positive returns to investors.

Profitable Investment Opportunities

Shorting the Chinese currency has proven to be one of the most profitable investments this year, as CNBC Pro's analysis of FactSet's ETF performance data reveals. This investment strategy allows investors to profit from the decline in the value of stocks, bonds, or currencies. CNBC Pro has identified ten global China-focused ETFs that have posted positive returns year-to-date, all of which are easily accessible to Western investors through exchanges in New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Singapore.

Currency ETFs: WisdomTree Short CNY Long USD ETF

The WisdomTree Short CNY Long USD ETF, traded on the London Stock Exchange and Germany's Xetra, has shown the highest performance, up 9.6% this year. This fund takes a short position against the Chinese renminbi through a forward exchange contract, allowing it to benefit from a weakening yuan relative to the U.S. dollar. Analysts at Macquarie expect the currency to weaken further against the dollar in the third quarter before experiencing moderate strengthening in the fourth quarter.

Equities ETFs: Global X MSCI China Energy ETF and Invesco Golden Dragon China ETF

In the equities space, the Global X MSCI China Energy ETF, traded on the New York Stock Exchange, has risen 8.9% this year. This fund provides diversified exposure to the Chinese energy sector, including companies in the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear sub-sectors. Analysts' price targets point to a further 22.4% upside over the next 12 months. The Invesco Golden Dragon China ETF, up 1.8% this year, offers the largest upside potential at 39.2%, according to analysts' price targets. This ETF exclusively holds Chinese shares listed in the U.S., known as "N-shares" or ADRs, providing investors with transparency and access to opportunities in China.

Other Notable Performers

Additional China-focused ETFs that have shown positive performance this year include the Global X MSCI China Communication Services ETF and KraneShares CICC China Leaders 100 Index ETF. In conclusion, while Chinese stock markets have faced challenges, China-focused ETFs have demonstrated resilience and provided profitable investment opportunities. Investors can consider these ETFs to gain exposure to the Chinese market and potentially benefit from future growth and stability. As always, it is essential for investors to conduct thorough research and consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

Conclusion: The Impact on New Businesses

The resilience of China-focused ETFs amidst challenging market conditions presents an interesting scenario for new businesses. Despite the downturn in Chinese stock markets, these ETFs have delivered positive returns, indicating that there are still profitable investment opportunities in the Chinese market.

Opportunities and Challenges

New businesses, especially those with an international focus, could potentially leverage these investment opportunities to diversify their portfolios and mitigate risks. The performance of these ETFs suggests that, despite the economic challenges, sectors such as energy and communication services in China are still thriving.
Strategic Considerations
However, new businesses must also consider the risks associated with investing in a volatile market. The weakening of the Chinese currency and the overall economic slowdown in China could impact the returns on these investments. Therefore, it's crucial for businesses to conduct thorough market research, understand the dynamics of the Chinese market, and make informed investment decisions. In conclusion, the performance of China-focused ETFs amidst challenging market conditions offers both opportunities and challenges for new businesses. While these ETFs present potential investment opportunities, businesses must also be prepared to navigate the risks associated with investing in a volatile market.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/11/10-china-focused-etfs-that-are-positive-with-upside-potential.html
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