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CDC Advisors Recommend Updated Covid Vaccines for All Americans Ages 6 Months and Up

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CDC Advises Updated Covid Vaccines for All Americans Ages 6 Months and Up

An independent advisory panel to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that all Americans aged 6 months and older receive updated Covid vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. This "universal" recommendation aims to prevent serious illness and death across all age groups. While some advisors argued for targeting high-risk individuals, the panel favored a broader approach. The recommendation follows the recent FDA approval of Pfizer and Moderna's new vaccines for individuals aged 12 and older. These updated vaccines, designed to target newer variants of the virus, align with public health officials' strategy of annual Covid vaccine updates, similar to the approach taken with the flu shot.

Impact of Rising Covid Cases

The rollout of the updated vaccines comes as the US experiences a resurgence of Covid cases. Hospitalizations have increased for seven consecutive weeks, albeit at a lower level than the peak in summer 2022. The CDC anticipates further increases as the country enters the fall and winter respiratory virus season, when Covid, respiratory syncytial virus, and flu tend to spread more rapidly.

Efficacy Against New Variants

The updated vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax have shown promising results in initial trials. They produce robust immune responses against the now-dominant EG.5 or "Eris" variant, which accounts for a significant percentage of US cases. Both Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines have also demonstrated effectiveness against another omicron variant called BA.2.86. Novavax is still testing its vaccine against this variant, which has garnered attention due to its high number of mutations.

Cost and Accessibility

The end of the US Covid public health emergency means that updated vaccines will be sold directly to healthcare providers in the private market. The list prices for Moderna and Pfizer's vaccines are $129 and $120 per dose, respectively, while Novavax's vaccine is listed at $130 per dose. However, the majority of Americans will be able to access the vaccines at no cost through private insurance or government payers like Medicare. The Biden administration's "Bridge Access Program" offers free shots to the uninsured or underinsured, but this program will conclude in December 2024. The CDC's Vaccines For Children program will provide free Covid shots to children from families who cannot afford them once the shots move to the commercial market. In conclusion, the CDC's recommendation for updated Covid vaccines for all Americans aims to prevent serious illness and hospitalization from newer variants of the virus. The ongoing surge in Covid cases underscores the importance of vaccination. While cost and accessibility remain considerations, the majority of Americans will have access to the vaccines at no cost through insurance or government programs. It is crucial for individuals to stay informed and take advantage of these updated vaccines to protect themselves and their communities.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The CDC's universal recommendation for updated Covid vaccines holds significant implications for new businesses.

Workplace Health and Safety

New businesses must prioritize the health and safety of their employees. Encouraging vaccination among staff can help reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission in the workplace, leading to fewer disruptions and maintaining productivity.

Business Continuity

The resurgence of Covid cases and the potential for further increases in the coming months underscore the importance of business continuity planning. New businesses must be prepared for potential disruptions and have strategies in place to navigate these challenges.

Community Responsibility

New businesses, as part of the community, have a role to play in promoting public health. By encouraging vaccination and adhering to public health guidelines, they can contribute to community-wide efforts to control the spread of the virus. In conclusion, the CDC's recommendation for updated Covid vaccines for all Americans presents both challenges and opportunities for new businesses. By prioritizing employee health, planning for business continuity, and fulfilling their community responsibility, new businesses can navigate this evolving situation and contribute to the broader goal of controlling the spread of Covid-19.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/12/new-covid-vaccines-cdc-advisors-recommend-pfizer-and-moderna-shots.html
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