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Career Experts Share 5 Tips for Managing Delayed Start Dates Offered by Consulting Firms

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Tips for Handling Delayed Job Offers: Expert Advice for New Graduates

Many new graduates, particularly those in the consulting sector, are facing delayed start dates for their job offers due to the economic downturn. While this may initially feel like a setback, career experts offer valuable advice on how to navigate this situation and make the most of the extra time.

Utilize Informational Interviews and Networking

Career experts Vicki Salemi and Gorick Ng emphasize the importance of conducting informational interviews with professionals in industries or companies of interest. By reaching out to alumni networks and senior associates, graduates can gain valuable insights and guidance from those who have been in their shoes before.

Keep Communication Open with Employers

Maintaining regular communication with employers is crucial during this period. Salemi advises reaching out to remind them of your continued interest and enthusiasm. Additionally, she suggests exploring new job opportunities while ensuring confidentiality to avoid jeopardizing the existing offer. This not only allows for practice in interviewing skills but also provides a chance to compare salaries and locations.

Consider Diverse Interim Job Opportunities

Financial stress can be alleviated by finding interim employment that adds diversity and experimentation to one's resume. Ng recommends seeking opportunities that offer the chance to learn something new and gain exposure to different experiences. For example, choosing a position in a growing local startup over a retail job can provide valuable skills and enhance the resume.

Accelerate Learning and Enhance Skills

Both Ng and Salemi highlight the importance of using this gap period to accelerate learning through certifications, courses, workshops, and language programs. Salemi suggests setting up job alerts in the desired field to understand the skills employers are seeking.

Develop Soft Skills and Stand Out

Ng emphasizes the often-overlooked soft skill of sales in consulting. Improving marketing and sales abilities can enhance career development in this field. Additionally, Ng advises comparing one's resume to the most competitive applicants in the field and considering unique opportunities that can help set it apart.

Emphasize Mental Health and Community

Creating a routine and prioritizing mental health is crucial during this time. Salemi advises against isolation and encourages building connections, trying new activities, and seeking community with others facing similar circumstances. In conclusion, while facing a delayed job offer may seem like a setback, it can be turned into an opportunity for growth and exploration. By following these expert tips, new graduates can make the most of this period and enhance their career prospects.

Delayed Job Offers: Potential Impact on New Business Formation

The economic downturn has resulted in many new graduates, particularly in the consulting sector, facing delayed start dates for their job offers. While this may seem like a setback, it could potentially impact new business formation in unexpected ways.

Networking and Informational Interviews

Career experts Vicki Salemi and Gorick Ng highlight the importance of conducting informational interviews and networking during this waiting period. This could potentially lead to the formation of new partnerships or even inspire graduates to start their own businesses.

Exploring Diverse Job Opportunities

The advice to explore diverse interim job opportunities could potentially lead to the discovery of untapped markets or innovative business ideas. Ng's recommendation to seek opportunities that offer the chance to learn something new and gain exposure to different experiences could be the catalyst for new business formation.
Accelerating Learning and Skill Enhancement
The emphasis on using this period to accelerate learning and enhance skills could result in a more skilled and versatile workforce. This could potentially lead to the creation of businesses that are more adaptable and resilient in the face of economic challenges.

Developing Soft Skills

Ng's emphasis on the development of soft skills, particularly sales in consulting, could potentially lead to the creation of businesses that are more customer-focused and better at marketing their products or services. Overall, while the delay in job offers may seem like a setback for new graduates, it could potentially lead to the creation of innovative and resilient new businesses. By making the most of this period, these graduates could turn a challenge into an opportunity.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/25/pushed-back-job-start-date-career-experts-share-what-to-do.html
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