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Canadian Startup Predicts the Arrival of Legal Cocaine

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Canadian Startup Predicts the Arrival of Legal Cocaine

Safe Supply Streaming Co., a startup recently listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, is basing its business model on a bold prediction: the legalization of cocaine. The company is betting on a potential third wave of policy changes that would decriminalize hard drugs, following the path of cannabis and psychedelics. Safe Supply plans to acquire companies that could benefit from this shift, such as fentanyl test-strip makers, addiction clinics, and energy drinks containing coca leaf. The founders envision a future where the sale of drugs is treated like any other regulated product, aiming to build a responsible end to the drug war. The company's valuation stands at approximately C$11.9 million ($8.6 million) with its recent listing, and it estimates that the legal cocaine market in British Columbia alone could reach $3.2 billion. Safe Supply's vision extends beyond Canada, advocating for global decriminalization to address the drug crisis and reduce overdose deaths. While some governments have embraced the idea of legalizing hard drugs, critics argue that it may lead to increased experimentation and addiction. Safe Supply's investors include individuals with backgrounds in real estate and the cannabis industry, who see the potential in this emerging market. The company recently underwent a reverse takeover of Origin Therapeutics, a psychedelics company, to go public. While not everyone may believe in this prediction, Safe Supply is confident in its vision and aims to attract investors who understand the narcotics trade and the need for new investment in addiction treatment facilities. In conclusion, Safe Supply Streaming Co. is positioning itself as a pioneer in anticipating the potential legalization of cocaine. While the outcome remains uncertain, the company's strategy reflects the evolving landscape of drug policy and the potential opportunities it may present.

Implications of Predicted Legal Cocaine on New Businesses

Canadian startup Safe Supply Streaming Co.'s bold prediction of legalized cocaine could have far-reaching implications for new businesses. This forecast, while controversial, brings to light potential shifts in drug policy and the emerging opportunities it could present.

Transforming the Drug Market

If cocaine were to be legalized, it could transform the illicit drug market, creating new niches for businesses. Companies could benefit from this shift, particularly those involved in drug testing, addiction treatment, and products containing coca leaf. New businesses must be prepared to adapt to this potential new landscape.

Economic Impact and Market Potential

Safe Supply's valuation and the estimated potential of the legal cocaine market highlight the significant economic impact of this development. New businesses, particularly in regions like British Columbia, could tap into this emerging market, potentially leading to substantial growth.
Regulatory Considerations and Investor Interest
The predicted legalization of cocaine also raises important regulatory considerations. New businesses must navigate complex legal frameworks and compliance requirements. Additionally, this development could attract investors from various sectors, including real estate and cannabis, who see potential in this emerging market. In conclusion, Safe Supply Streaming Co.'s prediction of legal cocaine presents a provocative view of the future, with significant implications for new businesses. While the outcome remains uncertain, it's crucial for businesses to stay informed and prepared for potential shifts in the drug market.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/legal-cocaine-is-coming-this-canadian-startup-predicts
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