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Canadian Attitudes on Hamas/Israel Conflict Revealed in Aurora Strategy Global Poll

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Canadian Attitudes on Hamas/Israel Conflict Revealed in Aurora Strategy Global Poll

Aurora Strategy Global conducted a comprehensive poll to gauge Canadian attitudes on the Hamas/Israel conflict. The online survey, conducted between October 20 and 24, 2023, involved 1,052 Canadians from across the country, ensuring a balanced representation in terms of age, gender, and province. The results provide valuable insights into the opinions of Canadians on this significant international issue.

Key Findings from the Poll

The survey revealed that a majority of Canadians are aware of the conflict, with 93% indicating their knowledge. Among those surveyed, 60% reported following the conflict closely, while about one-third did not closely follow it. Regarding responsibility for the current conflict, 41% of respondents blamed Hamas, while 12% blamed Israel. Notably, the majority of Canadians (62%) did not change their opinion of Israel, while 26% had a worsened opinion, and 12% had an improved view.

Attitudes towards Israel and Hamas

In response to the Hamas attack, 46% of Canadians expressed a less supportive view of Hamas and the leadership of the Palestinians in Gaza. Additionally, 60% of Canadians agreed that Israel should invade Gaza and remove the Hamas leadership.
Accountability and Concerns
The poll also found that 75% of Canadians did not believe that Hamas was justified in attacking Israel as part of their struggle for a Palestinian State. Furthermore, 71% of respondents believed that Iran should be held accountable for the actions of Hamas against Israel. Canadians also expressed concern (57%) over pro-Hamas protests taking place in Canada.

Antisemitism and Rising Concerns

Nearly half of Canadians (46%) felt that antisemitism is on the rise in Canada, reflecting growing concerns about this issue. In conclusion, the Aurora Strategy Global poll provides valuable insights into Canadian attitudes on the Hamas/Israel conflict. The findings highlight opinions on responsibility, support for Israel, concerns about antisemitism, and the role of Iran. These results contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding this international issue.

A Hot Take on the Impact of the Hamas/Israel Conflict on New Businesses

The Aurora Strategy Global poll's findings on Canadian attitudes towards the Hamas/Israel conflict could have profound implications for new businesses, particularly those with international ties or interests in the Middle East.

Public Sentiment and Business Decisions

Understanding public sentiment on such significant international issues can guide businesses in making informed decisions. For instance, the poll's revelation that 41% of respondents blamed Hamas for the conflict might influence a company's decision to engage in partnerships or initiatives in the region.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The poll also highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility. With 75% of Canadians believing that Hamas was not justified in attacking Israel, businesses might be compelled to take a stand on such issues, potentially influencing their corporate policies or philanthropic efforts.
Addressing Rising Concerns
The poll's finding that nearly half of Canadians feel antisemitism is on the rise in Canada could also impact businesses. Companies might need to address such concerns directly, perhaps by implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives or by taking a public stand against discrimination. In conclusion, the Aurora Strategy Global poll's findings on the Hamas/Israel conflict offer valuable insights for new businesses, highlighting the potential impact of public sentiment on business decisions, the importance of corporate social responsibility, and the need to address rising societal concerns.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/aurora-strategy-global-releases-poll-on-canadian-attitudes-on-hamas-israel-conflict
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