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BWXT Chosen as Manufacturer for Air Force Research Laboratory's JETSON Program in Nuclear Fuel and Components

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BWXT Selected for Air Force Research Laboratory's JETSON Program

BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) has been chosen as the nuclear fuel and components manufacturer for the Air Force Research Laboratory's JETSON program. Working alongside Lockheed Martin and Space Nuclear Power Corporation (SpaceNukes), BWXT will lead manufacturing and testing activities for nuclear fuels and components, supporting the development of high-power nuclear electric power and propulsion technologies for spacecraft design.

Advancing Spacecraft Mobility and Power Generation

The JETSON program aims to address the need for advanced spacecraft mobility, space situational awareness, and power generation beyond traditional capabilities. Using a fission reactor, JETSON will generate heat to produce between 6 kWe and 20 kWe of electricity, providing four times the power of conventional solar arrays without the requirement of continuous sunlight. The program builds upon the success of the 2018 Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling Technology (KRUSTY) demonstration led by NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

BWXT's Contribution and Expertise

Joe Miller, President of BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC, expressed confidence in BWXT's role as the nuclear manufacturer for the JETSON program. Leveraging their extensive experience in nuclear fuel and component manufacturing, as well as their unique infrastructure, BWXT aims to build upon the achievements of the KRUSTY demonstration. The company's work on the program will primarily take place at their facilities in the Lynchburg, Virginia area. In conclusion, BWXT's selection for the JETSON program highlights their expertise in nuclear fuel and component manufacturing. The program's focus on advancing spacecraft power generation and mobility presents exciting opportunities for BWXT to contribute to the development of innovative technologies in the aerospace industry.

The Impact of BWXT's Selection for the JETSON Program on New Businesses

The selection of BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) as the nuclear fuel and components manufacturer for the Air Force Research Laboratory's JETSON program could have significant implications for new businesses in the aerospace and nuclear industries. This partnership will likely set new standards for high-power nuclear electric power and propulsion technologies, potentially raising the bar for new entrants in the field.

Setting New Industry Standards

The JETSON program's focus on advanced spacecraft mobility and power generation could redefine expectations in the aerospace industry. As such, new businesses may need to adapt their strategies and technologies to compete in this evolving landscape.

Opportunities for Collaboration and Innovation

BWXT's collaboration with Lockheed Martin and SpaceNukes demonstrates the potential for partnerships in advancing technological innovation. This could encourage new businesses to seek strategic partnerships to leverage shared expertise and resources.
In conclusion, BWXT's selection for the JETSON program could significantly impact new businesses in the aerospace and nuclear industries. The evolving industry standards and potential for collaboration present both challenges and opportunities for new businesses aiming to make their mark in these sectors.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/bwxt-selected-as-nuclear-fuel-and-component-manufacturer-for-air-force-research-laboratorys-jetson-program
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