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Boeing Stands Out as the Most Oversold Stock in the S&P 500: A Look at the Rest

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Wall Street Investors React to Fed Guidance: Boeing and Dollar Tree Among Oversold Stocks

Investors on Wall Street are grappling with the latest forward guidance from the Federal Reserve, resulting in an overall losing week for major indexes. Fed Chair Jerome Powell's recent remarks indicated one more interest rate hike before the year-end, followed by two cuts in 2024. Powell emphasized the long journey ahead to bring inflation back to its 2% target, leading to concerns among investors about prolonged borrowing costs. CNBC analyzed FactSet data to explore equities traders' sentiments amidst ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty.

Oversold Stocks: Boeing and Dollar Tree

Boeing, the aerospace behemoth, stands out as exceptionally oversold with a 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 2.5. Despite this, nearly 54% of analysts polled by FactSet maintain a buy rating on Boeing stock, with an average price target suggesting a 26% upside. While Boeing stock has gained nearly 4% year to date, CFRA downgraded the shares to hold due to quality control issues that could impact the company's delivery schedule. Discount retailer Dollar Tree also made the oversold list with a 14-day RSI of 10.7. Approximately 41% of analysts polled rate Dollar Tree stock as a buy, with average forecasts implying a 46% upside. The stock has faced pressure since disappointing profit forecasts were revealed after the quarterly results in August.

Overbought Stocks: Molina Healthcare, Humana, and McKesson

Managed care company Molina Healthcare emerges as the most overbought stock on Wall Street, boasting a 14-day RSI of 87.4. With a focus on providing healthcare through government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, Molina Healthcare has garnered positive sentiment from over 41% of analysts polled by FactSet. Average forecasts suggest a 4.6% upside for the stock, which has shown a 16% gain over the past three months. However, the broader healthcare sector has faced pressure throughout 2023, with investors displaying a weaker appetite due to recession fears and climbing interest rates. Nevertheless, healthcare names like Humana and McKesson rank among the most overbought stocks, with 14-day RSI readings of 77.8 and 76.9, respectively. Average analyst forecasts compiled by FactSet imply roughly 18% upside for Humana and 9% for McKesson. In summary, Wall Street investors are reacting to the latest guidance from the Federal Reserve, leading to a challenging week for major indexes. Boeing and Dollar Tree stand out as oversold stocks, while Molina Healthcare, Humana, and McKesson are among the overbought stocks. These trends reflect the ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty and investor sentiment towards different sectors.

Impact of Fed Guidance on New Business Formations: A Look at Oversold and Overbought Stocks

The recent forward guidance from the Federal Reserve has stirred Wall Street, causing a losing week for major indexes. With Fed Chair Jerome Powell indicating an additional interest rate hike this year and two cuts in 2024, investors are concerned about the prolonged journey to bring inflation back to its 2% target.

Implications of Oversold Stocks: Boeing and Dollar Tree

The aerospace giant Boeing and discount retailer Dollar Tree have emerged as significantly oversold stocks. Despite the oversold status, analysts maintain a positive outlook for these stocks, indicating potential for growth. However, quality control issues leading to a downgrade of Boeing shares to hold and disappointing profit forecasts for Dollar Tree highlight the challenges these companies face. For new businesses, these developments underscore the importance of robust quality control and accurate financial forecasting.

Overbought Stocks: Molina Healthcare, Humana, and McKesson

On the other end of the spectrum, Molina Healthcare, Humana, and McKesson are among the most overbought stocks on Wall Street. Despite the broader healthcare sector facing pressure due to recession fears and rising interest rates, these companies have shown resilience. This resilience, coupled with positive analyst sentiment, suggests potential for growth. For new businesses in the healthcare sector, these companies' performance could serve as a beacon of hope amidst macroeconomic uncertainty. In essence, the latest Fed guidance and its impact on investor sentiment, as reflected in the status of oversold and overbought stocks, offer valuable insights for new business formations. Navigating these market trends and understanding the implications of macroeconomic factors are crucial for new businesses aiming for success in a complex and dynamic market environment.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/23/boeing-is-by-far-the-most-oversold-stock-in-the-sp-500-here-are-the-others.html
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