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Basetwo and Genecis Secure $4.3 Million Project to Transform Life Science Manufacturing with AI-Enabled Digital Twins

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Basetwo and Genecis Secure $4.3 Million Funding for Groundbreaking Life Science Manufacturing Project

Basetwo, in collaboration with Genecis, a prominent Canadian biotechnology company, has received $4.3 million in funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) for an innovative project set to revolutionize the landscape of life science manufacturing.

Utilizing Hybrid Models for Next-Generation Manufacturing

The project aims to address the vulnerabilities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in local life science manufacturing capabilities worldwide. Basetwo and Genecis will employ hybrid models, a cutting-edge simulation technology that combines AI with the principles of physics and chemistry. This approach enables the effective modeling of complex industrial systems, such as bioreactors or distillation columns, facilitating increased domestic production capacity using next-generation technologies.

Creating AI-Enabled 'Digital Twins' for Optimization

The shared vision for this project involves the creation of AI-enabled 'digital twins' of bioreactor systems capable of real-time prediction and optimization of operations at various scales. This will enable model-predictive scale-up and technology transfer, revolutionizing the efficiency and sustainability of life science manufacturing. Additionally, the project will focus on optimizing Genecis' innovative manufacturing processes that convert food waste into biodegradable plastics, delivering significant environmental benefits. The collaboration between Basetwo, Genecis, and NGen represents a significant step forward in redefining Canada's life science manufacturing capabilities. It showcases the commitment of both companies to driving innovation and sustainability in the global market. For more information about Basetwo, Genecis, and this transformative project, please contact: Victoria Galimanis victoria@basetwo.ai About Basetwo: Basetwo is a Toronto-based software company that leverages generative AI copilots and hybrid modeling to streamline complex engineering environments. Their goal is to empower engineers to make manufacturing smarter, faster, and more resilient. About Genecis: Genecis is a leading Canadian biotech company that specializes in converting organic waste into sustainable, biodegradable materials. They offer a circular economy solution for products' beginning and end of life, contributing to a more sustainable future.

A Hot Take on Basetwo and Genecis' Groundbreaking Project

The recent funding secured by Basetwo and Genecis for their innovative life science manufacturing project could have far-reaching implications for new businesses in the biotechnology sector. This project, which combines AI with physics and chemistry principles to model complex industrial systems, represents a significant leap forward in manufacturing capabilities.

The Impact on New Businesses

For start-ups and new businesses, this development could mean a shift in the way they approach manufacturing. The use of AI-enabled 'digital twins' could revolutionize operational efficiency, enabling real-time prediction and optimization at various scales. This could lead to significant cost savings and increased productivity for businesses that adopt this technology.

The Role of Sustainability

Moreover, the project's focus on sustainability, particularly through the conversion of food waste into biodegradable plastics, underscores the increasing importance of environmentally friendly practices in business operations. New businesses will need to consider sustainability not just as a peripheral concern, but as a core part of their business model. In conclusion, the collaboration between Basetwo, Genecis, and NGen signals a new era in life science manufacturing, one that combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainability. New businesses in this sector will need to adapt to these changes to remain competitive and relevant in the market.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/basetwo-and-genecis-secure-4-3-million-project-to-revolutionize-life-science-manufacturing-with-ai-enabled-digital-twins
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