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Avicena Showcases Groundbreaking 16nm finFET CMOS Transceiver IC for Chip-to-Chip Communications at ECOC 2023 with MicroLED Technology

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Avicena Demonstrates Breakthrough MicroLED-Based Transceiver IC for Chip-to-Chip Communications at ECOC 2023

Avicena, a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California, is showcasing its LightBundleTM multi-Terabit interconnect technology at the European Conference for Optical Communications (ECOC) 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. The company's microLED-based LightBundle architecture offers high-performance chip-to-chip interconnects, unlocking the potential of processors, memory, and sensors while delivering superior energy efficiency.

Addressing the Demands of AI Applications

The increasing demand for compute and memory performance driven by artificial intelligence (AI) applications, such as large language models, requires high-density, low-power interconnects. Avicena's microLED-based LightBundle interconnects offer lower power consumption, lower latency, higher bandwidth density, and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional optical interconnects.

Enabling Next-Generation AI Innovation

Avicena's LightBundle interconnects have the potential to revolutionize the way processors and memory connect, providing the necessary bandwidth-density, low-power, and low-latency interconnects for AI advancements. With multi-terabit per second capacity and sub-pJ/bit efficiency, these interconnects pave the way for more capable AI models and a wide range of AI applications.
The LightBundle Technology
Avicena's LightBundle architecture utilizes arrays of innovative GaN microLEDs integrated onto high-performance CMOS ICs. These microLED arrays are connected to CMOS-compatible PDs via multi-core fiber cables. The technology offers high-bandwidth density, low power consumption, and low latency, making it suitable for chiplet interfaces and enhancing system architectures limited by existing compute interconnects. Avicena's demonstration of the first microLED-based Transceiver IC in 16nm finFET CMOS at ECOC 2023 showcases the company's commitment to advancing chip-to-chip communications and driving innovation in the field of optical interconnects.

Implications of Avicena's MicroLED-Based Transceiver IC for New Businesses

Avicena's demonstration of the first microLED-based Transceiver IC in 16nm finFET CMOS at ECOC 2023 is a game-changer, particularly for new businesses in the tech industry. The company's LightBundleTM multi-Terabit interconnect technology offers high-performance chip-to-chip interconnects, which could significantly enhance the capabilities of processors, memory, and sensors.

Meeting AI's Growing Demands

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are driving an unprecedented demand for compute and memory performance. Avicena's microLED-based LightBundle interconnects could be the answer to this growing need, offering lower power consumption, lower latency, and higher bandwidth density than conventional optical interconnects.

Driving AI Innovation

The potential of Avicena's LightBundle interconnects to revolutionize processor and memory connectivity could pave the way for the next generation of AI advancements. This could open up new opportunities for businesses to develop more capable AI models and a broader range of AI applications.
Revolutionizing System Architectures
The LightBundle architecture, which uses innovative GaN microLEDs integrated onto high-performance CMOS ICs, could enhance system architectures currently limited by existing compute interconnects. This could lead to the development of more efficient and powerful systems, giving new businesses a competitive edge in the tech industry. In conclusion, Avicena's breakthrough could have significant implications for new businesses, driving innovation, enhancing system performance, and meeting the growing demands of AI applications.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/avicena-demonstrates-first-microled-based-transceiver-ic-in-16nm-finfet-cmos-for-chip-to-chip-communications-at-ecoc-2023
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