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Army Corps Adjusts Dakota Access Pipeline Meeting Format Following Complaints

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Army Corps Adjusts Dakota Access Pipeline Meeting Format Following Complaints

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has made changes to the format of oral testimony for public comments on the draft environmental review of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. The Corps held two meetings in Bismarck to gather public input on the document, which will help determine whether the pipeline can cross the Missouri River near the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's reservation. The tribe has long opposed the pipeline due to the risk of an oil spill.

Complaints and Meeting Format

Pipeline opponents criticized the initial meeting format, as oral testimony was only accepted in private to stenographers behind a curtain. Many attendees spoke to the room outside the curtained area, but their comments were not included as official testimony. In response to the complaints, the meeting format was adjusted for the second meeting, allowing attendees to include their public comments as official statements.

Reason for Change

The smaller turnout at the second meeting, with only 20 people signed up for oral comments, prompted the adjustment in format. According to the Corps spokesman, both meetings operated similarly, with individuals having the option to make private or public oral comments and to submit written comments for the administrative record.
Public Comment Period
The public comment period for the draft environmental review will close on December 13. This period allows individuals and organizations to provide their input on the pipeline project before the federal government makes a decision on granting the easement for the pipeline's crossing. In conclusion, the Army Corps of Engineers responded to complaints by adjusting the meeting format for public comments on the Dakota Access oil pipeline. The changes aim to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to provide their input on the draft environmental review, addressing concerns raised by pipeline opponents. The public comment period remains open for interested parties to submit their comments and opinions on the project.

Implications of the Dakota Access Pipeline Meeting Format Changes for New Businesses

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' decision to adjust the meeting format for public comments on the Dakota Access oil pipeline in response to complaints offers valuable lessons for new businesses. The move underscores the importance of transparency and public engagement in decision-making processes, particularly for projects that have significant environmental and social impacts.

Importance of Public Engagement

The initial criticism of the meeting format centered on the lack of public visibility for oral testimonies. This highlights the need for businesses to ensure that their stakeholder engagement processes are inclusive and transparent. Failing to do so can lead to public backlash, as seen in this case.

Adapting to Stakeholder Feedback

The Corps' decision to adjust the meeting format in response to complaints demonstrates the importance of being responsive to stakeholder feedback. For new businesses, this means being open to criticism and willing to make changes based on stakeholder input.
Impacts on Business Reputation
The controversy surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline and the subsequent changes to the meeting format could have implications for the reputation of the businesses involved in the project. New businesses should be aware of the potential reputational risks associated with their operations and strive to mitigate these through responsible business practices. In conclusion, the changes to the Dakota Access pipeline meeting format highlight the importance of transparency, responsiveness to stakeholder feedback, and reputational risk management for new businesses. These lessons can help new businesses build trust with their stakeholders and navigate the complexities of operating in today's business environment.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/slight-change-to-dakota-access-pipeline-comment-meeting-format-army-corps-says-after-complaints
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