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Armis Research: Multiple Security Breaches Plague One-Third of Global Organizations in Past Year

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Armis Research Reveals Alarming Rate of Multiple Security Breaches in Global Organizations

Armis, a leading asset intelligence cybersecurity company, has released its Global Attack Surface Management (ASM) Research findings, shedding light on the cybersecurity challenges faced by organizations over the past year.

Unprecedented Cyber Risk and Overwhelmed Security Teams

The research, conducted in collaboration with Vanson Bourne, highlights that global organizations are grappling with an unprecedented level of cyber risk due to blind spots in their environments. Security teams are overwhelmed by vast amounts of threat intelligence data that lack actionable insights. As a result, 61% of organizations worldwide reported at least one breach in the past 12 months, with 31% experiencing multiple breaches during the same period. The United States, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand were identified as the top four countries with the highest likelihood of organizations reporting breaches.

Key Findings and Challenges

The research reveals several key findings and challenges faced by organizations: 1. Inadequate Monitoring of the Attack Surface: Approximately 40% of assets connected to organizational networks remain unmonitored, posing significant cybersecurity risks. 2. BYOD Policy Enforcement Gaps: Employees increasingly use their personal devices in business environments, but there are gaps in enforcing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Only 22% of organizations enforce BYOD policies across all employees. 3. Lack of Asset Visibility: Organizations can only account for around 60% of their assets in terms of location and support status. Forgotten assets, such as printers, can introduce critical security vulnerabilities if not properly maintained. 4. Overwhelmed Cybersecurity Teams: Nearly 29% of respondents reported that their cybersecurity teams are overwhelmed by the volume of cyber threat information, hindering effective threat remediation. 5. Ineffective Asset Management: Organizations use an average of 11 different tools to manage assets connected to their networks, with 44% still relying on manual spreadsheets. This lack of control and visibility allows employees to download applications and software without the knowledge of IT or security teams.

Addressing the Challenges and Improving Cybersecurity

Armis emphasizes the need for organizations to improve their approach to managing the attack surface and cyber risks. Consolidating disjointed solutions and leveraging innovative technologies can provide real-time, automated insights and actionable plans to safeguard critical assets from cyber threats. In conclusion, the Armis research underscores the urgent need for organizations to address the growing cybersecurity challenges they face. By proactively increasing visibility, defining policies, and leveraging advanced technologies, organizations can better protect their assets and mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats.

A "Hot Take" on the Impact of Cybersecurity Challenges on New Businesses

The recent research findings by Armis, a prominent cybersecurity company, reveal a startling rate of security breaches in global organizations. This presents a significant challenge for new businesses entering the market.

The Threat of Cyber Risk

New businesses need to be acutely aware of the cyber risks they face. With 61% of organizations experiencing at least one breach in the past year, it's clear that cybersecurity is not an area to be overlooked. The risk is even more pronounced for businesses operating in the United States, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, which were identified as the countries with the highest likelihood of breaches.

Monitoring and Policy Enforcement

The research also highlights the importance of adequate monitoring and policy enforcement. With approximately 40% of assets connected to organizational networks unmonitored, new businesses must invest in comprehensive monitoring systems to minimize their vulnerability to cyber threats.
Overwhelmed Security Teams and Asset Management
New businesses must also consider how they manage their assets and handle threat intelligence data. The research shows that many security teams are overwhelmed by the volume of data they have to process, and many organizations struggle with ineffective asset management, often relying on manual spreadsheets. In conclusion, Armis' research underscores the need for new businesses to take proactive steps to increase visibility, define policies, and leverage advanced technologies to protect their assets and mitigate cyber risks. Failure to do so could result in significant cybersecurity breaches, with potentially devastating consequences for the business.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/armis-research-finds-one-third-of-global-organizations-experienced-multiple-security-breaches-in-last-12-months
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