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Ardern Legacy Casts Shadow on New Zealand Vote as Competitors Fail to Impress

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Ardern's Legacy and the New Zealand Election

Three years after Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party won by a landslide, her party is now facing the possibility of losing power in the upcoming New Zealand election. Voters will choose between Chris Hipkins, the center-left Labour leader, and Christopher Luxon, the center-right opposition leader and former Air New Zealand CEO. The stakes are high, with New Zealanders grappling with the aftermath of rapid interest-rate increases and rising cost-of-living pressures, which have been linked to an increase in crime. However, the energy and enthusiasm that characterized Ardern's previous campaigns seem to be lacking this time around, with polls showing that neither Hipkins nor Luxon have made a significant impact on voters.

Policy Promises

Hipkins has pledged to remove the goods and services tax on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as provide free dental care for individuals under 30. Luxon's National Party, on the other hand, promises to address crime and deliver tax cuts funded by a levy on foreign property buyers.

Ardern's Influence

Ardern's resignation earlier this year has left a void in the election campaign, with some voters expressing difficulty in getting excited about either candidate. Her global presence and reputation as a progressive leader made her a symbol of hope for left-wing politics. However, within New Zealand, there was a growing weariness towards her leadership, reflected in declining support for her party.
Impact on Voters
While some voters remain loyal to Ardern and struggle to find the same enthusiasm for the upcoming election, others have shifted their support to different parties. The absence of Ardern's persuasive presence has influenced the choices of some voters, who feel that she would have been more effective in arguing for another term. In conclusion, the New Zealand election reflects a changing political landscape as Ardern's legacy hangs over the contest. The candidates face the challenge of generating the same level of excitement and engagement that Ardern was able to achieve in previous elections.

Implications of New Zealand's Election on New Businesses

The upcoming New Zealand election, shadowed by Jacinda Ardern's legacy, could have significant implications for new businesses. The contest between Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon, representing different political ideologies and policy promises, could steer the country's business landscape in new directions.

Policy Impact

Hipkins' pledge to remove goods and services tax on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, along with free dental care for individuals under 30, could stimulate growth in the healthcare and agriculture sectors. Conversely, Luxon's promise to address crime and deliver tax cuts funded by a levy on foreign property buyers could potentially attract more foreign investment, benefiting real estate and related businesses.

Leadership Transition

The void left by Ardern's resignation could impact the business environment. Ardern's global reputation as a progressive leader had positioned New Zealand favorably on the international stage. The transition could lead to potential policy shifts, impacting the stability that businesses, especially startups, crave.
Business Adaptability
The changing political landscape requires businesses to be adaptable. Depending on the election's outcome, new businesses might need to align their strategies with the prevailing policies and economic conditions. The election's result could also influence investor confidence, impacting businesses seeking capital. In conclusion, the New Zealand election, influenced by Ardern's legacy, could shape the business environment in ways that new businesses need to anticipate and prepare for.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/ardern-legacy-hangs-over-new-zealand-vote-as-rivals-fall-flat
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