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Analysts Forecast Arrival of Self-Healing Displays in Smartphones within Five Years

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Analysts Predict Arrival of Smartphones with 'Self-Healing' Displays and HTC's Exit from VR Market

According to analyst firm CCS Insight, smartphones equipped with displays capable of repairing themselves may hit the market within the next five years. The technology would involve incorporating a "nano coating" on the display surface that reacts to scratches by creating a new material when exposed to air, filling in imperfections. While companies have been exploring self-healing display technology for years, it has yet to be commercially successful due to barriers such as research and development costs and effectively marketing the capabilities to consumers. In related news, CCS Insight also predicts that Taiwanese tech giant HTC will exit the virtual reality (VR) market by 2026 due to declining revenues and increased competition from Meta, Sony, and Apple. CCS Insight's forecast for self-healing displays highlights the ongoing innovation in smartphone technology. For example, Motorola unveiled a rollable concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, demonstrating the industry's drive toward more advanced displays. Samsung is also making strides with its folding Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 phones, capable of enduring hundreds of thousands of folds over their lifetime. Regarding HTC's VR market exit, the company has been a pioneer in the smartphone industry, known for groundbreaking designs and performance. However, HTC largely withdrew from the smartphone market in 2017 after selling its handset business to Google. Since then, HTC has focused on the merging of virtual and physical worlds with products like the Vive XR Elite headset. CCS Insight attributes HTC's struggles in the VR market to fierce competition and an inability to compete on pricing, particularly against Meta's aggressively priced Quest headset. While HTC may experience a temporary boost with Apple's entry into the VR space, CCS Insight predicts that HTC will ultimately exit the market and sell its intellectual property to larger players. Additionally, CCS Insight predicts that Apple will seek greater control over the second-hand smartphone market to prevent the popularity of used devices from impacting new iPhone sales. The firm suggests that Apple may encourage direct phone trade-ins or incentivize carriers to offer credits for old phones. Apple could also establish a verified system for grading refurbished iPhones, aligning with the industry's move toward more sustainable and circular products. In conclusion, analysts foresee the arrival of smartphones with self-healing displays, while HTC's future in the VR market appears uncertain. Apple's potential strategies to maintain control over the second-hand smartphone market also reflect its efforts to mitigate the impact of used devices on new iPhone sales. These developments highlight the ongoing evolution and competition within the smartphone and VR industries.

Impact of Self-Healing Displays and HTC's VR Market Exit on New Businesses

The prediction by CCS Insight about the arrival of smartphones with self-healing displays within the next five years presents a fascinating shift in the technology landscape. This innovation could revolutionize the smartphone industry, offering a significant opportunity for new businesses to explore. However, the journey towards commercial success may not be easy, as seen in the past attempts by companies. The barriers such as research and development costs and the need for effective marketing strategies could pose challenges for new businesses.

Adapting to the Evolving Smartphone Technology

The ongoing innovation in smartphone technology, as demonstrated by Motorola's rollable concept smartphone and Samsung's folding phones, indicates a rapidly evolving market. For new businesses, adapting to these changes and staying ahead of the curve will be crucial for survival and growth.
Lessons from HTC's Predicted VR Market Exit
The predicted exit of HTC from the VR market by 2026 due to declining revenues and increased competition provides a critical lesson for new businesses. The fierce competition and the need to compete on pricing, as seen in HTC's case, highlight the importance of a robust business strategy. New businesses should be prepared to face such challenges and devise strategies to stay competitive. In light of Apple's potential strategies to control the second-hand smartphone market, new businesses should also consider the impact of used devices on their sales. Strategies such as encouraging direct phone trade-ins or incentivizing carriers to offer credits for old phones could be beneficial. Additionally, aligning with the industry's move toward more sustainable and circular products could also prove advantageous. Overall, these developments in the smartphone and VR industries present both opportunities and challenges for new businesses. Navigating these changes effectively will be key to their success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/11/phones-with-self-healing-displays-to-arrive-by-2028-analysts-predict.html
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