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American Teacher Finds Happiness in Denmark: Luxury Apartment at $2,100/Month

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Teacher Finds Happiness in Copenhagen: A Look Inside Her Luxury Apartment

In June 2018, I made the decision to leave Texas and join my husband in Denmark. After dating long-distance, we were excited to get married and build a life together. We found a beautiful apartment in Amager, Copenhagen's southern part, through an online search. My husband viewed the apartment in person and sent me photos while I was still in Dallas.

A Spacious and Modern Home

Our apartment is a two-bedroom, 1,020-square-foot space that we rent for $2,100 a month. The neighborhood offers a decent commute to work for both of us - I'm a primary school teacher, and my husband works in finance. It also provides ample outdoor space and fun places for our two-year-old son to explore. The apartment features a small entryway with a built-in closet and a bench to sit on when removing shoes.

A Comfortable Living Environment

The lease for our apartment is indefinite, with rent increases tied to inflation. However, we had to pay two months' rent upfront and provide a three-month security deposit. Since the apartment was new, we had to purchase our own light fixtures, a common practice in many Copenhagen apartments. Danish homes often feature similar small design pieces, such as the popular Hoptimist toy, available in various colors and styles.

Convenient Amenities and Functional Spaces

One of the highlights of our apartment is the sleek, modern bathroom that also serves as a laundry room. We are fortunate to have both a washer and dryer in the unit, a feature not always easy to find in the city center on a budget. The bedroom offers ample space, allowing us to fit an almost king-sized bed. Unlike many Danish apartments, our apartment came with installed closets, saving us the hassle of purchasing and setting them up ourselves.

Family-Friendly Neighborhood and Easy Commute

Our apartment's location is in a family-friendly neighborhood with plenty of amenities within walking distance, including restaurants, bakeries, shops, parks, and playgrounds. We have international neighbors, adding to the diversity of the community. Additionally, a beautiful beach nearby attracts many visitors during the summer. Our apartment also features a small balcony that our son loves to play on when the weather is nice.

Enjoying Life in Copenhagen

I can confidently say that I am much happier living in Copenhagen than in Dallas. Job satisfaction plays a significant role in my overall happiness, and I find myself less stressed outside of work. The cost of living in Copenhagen can be high, but I've discovered that my salary stretches further here than it did in Dallas, especially considering healthcare and transportation expenses. The rent we pay for our spacious apartment is a good value for the space we have.

Convenient Transportation and Future Plans

One aspect of living in Copenhagen that I appreciate is the excellent public transportation system. We live close to the metro, allowing me to easily commute to work and explore the city. I pay about $90 a month for a public transportation pass that covers my work commute and other destinations. The city center is just a 15-minute ride from our front door, and the airport is also a convenient 15-minute journey in the opposite direction. Looking ahead, we may eventually seek more space and consider moving slightly further from the city center. However, our love for Copenhagen keeps us from venturing too far. I have thoroughly enjoyed living in this apartment, and it has served as a wonderful first home in my new country. Ilana Buhl is an elementary school teacher who fell in love with Copenhagen while studying abroad. She now resides in the city with her husband and son, sharing glimpses of her life on social media. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram. Don't miss: Join the free CNBC Make It: Your Money virtual event on Oct. 17 at 1 p.m. ET to learn valuable skills for career advancement, negotiation, and wealth growth. Register for free today.

Relocating for Happiness: A Business Perspective

The story of Ilana Buhl, an American teacher who relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, offers intriguing insights for new businesses. Her experience highlights the importance of understanding the needs of potential customers who are considering a significant life change, such as moving to a new country.

Understanding the Market

Ilana's decision to move from Texas to Denmark was driven by a desire for a better quality of life. Her experience underscores the importance of businesses understanding the motivations and needs of their target market. For businesses in the relocation or real estate industries, this could mean offering services tailored to the needs of those moving abroad, such as helping them find suitable housing or navigate local customs and practices.

Addressing Customer Needs

Ilana's apartment in Copenhagen caters to her needs as a working professional, providing a comfortable living environment and convenient amenities. Businesses can take note of this, ensuring their products or services address the specific needs of their customers. For example, a real estate business could provide properties with modern amenities, while a relocation service could assist with the logistics of moving and settling in.

Location and Lifestyle

The location of Ilana's apartment, its proximity to her workplace, and the family-friendly neighborhood all contribute to her satisfaction. Businesses, particularly those in the real estate and hospitality sectors, should consider how location and lifestyle factors can influence customer satisfaction.

Future Plans

Despite her contentment with her current situation, Ilana anticipates the need for more space in the future. This forward-thinking mindset is something businesses should mirror, always anticipating and preparing for future customer needs. In summary, Ilana's story provides valuable insights for new businesses. By understanding their target market, addressing customer needs, considering location and lifestyle factors, and anticipating future requirements, businesses can position themselves for success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/07/30-year-old-american-teacher-moved-to-denmark-and-pays-2100-a-month-to-live-in-a-luxury-apartmentlook-inside.html
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