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ADP Survey Reveals: 1 in 3 Canadian Workers Feel Exhausted or Overworked

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Employee Priorities in Canada

A recent survey conducted by ADP Canada in collaboration with Maru Public Opinion reveals that over half (53%) of workers in Canada experience negative feelings about work, with one-third (30%) feeling tired and overworked. These findings highlight the urgent need for a renewed focus on work-life balance, compensation, and family considerations in the evolving workplace.

Work-Life Balance as a Top Priority

With a significant portion of workers feeling overworked and tired, it comes as no surprise that work-life balance is a top priority for nearly one-third (29%) of respondents and ranks among the top three priorities for almost seven-in-ten (68%). Compensation and benefits, as well as family considerations, also emerge as key priorities for workers in Canada.

Generational Differences in Priorities

The survey reveals that Millennials and Gen X workers are particularly inclined to prioritize work-life balance, while Boomers prioritize their families. Interestingly, Gen Z workers are less likely to prioritize compensation compared to other generations.
The Role of Trust and Employer Proactivity
Despite the challenges, the survey indicates improved levels of feedback, trust, and comfort between managers and employees compared to the previous year. A significant majority (77%) of employees trust their managers, and over eight-in-ten (82%) managers report having trust in their employees. Regular check-ins and open conversations foster an environment where workers feel comfortable voicing concerns to their managers.
External Factors Impacting Employee Sentiment
The survey also highlights the impact of external factors on employee sentiment. Seven-in-ten (70%) workers in Canada report feeling stressed due to inflation and the economy. As a result, almost a quarter (23%) of workers are considering exploring better opportunities. However, despite these challenges, 39% of workers believe they are in the right workplace. In conclusion, the survey underscores the importance of addressing work-life balance, compensation, and family considerations in the Canadian workplace. While progress has been made in terms of feedback and trust between managers and employees, there are still opportunities for employers to reassess and enhance workplace practices. This includes regular check-ins, flexible schedules, and open conversations about compensation and benefits. By prioritizing employee well-being and satisfaction, businesses can create a positive and productive work environment.

Hot Take: The Impact of Work-Life Balance on New Businesses in Canada

The recent ADP Canada survey results underline the critical importance of work-life balance, compensation, and family considerations for Canadian workers. This revelation is not just a wake-up call for existing businesses but also serves as a crucial guide for new businesses.

Work-Life Balance: A Non-Negotiable

The survey reveals that a significant portion of workers feel overworked and tired, making work-life balance a top priority. New businesses must take note, ensuring they build a culture that values and promotes a healthy work-life balance from the outset.

Generational Priorities: A Balancing Act

Interestingly, the survey highlights generational differences in priorities. While Millennials and Gen X prioritize work-life balance, Boomers focus on their families, and Gen Z is less likely to prioritize compensation. This information is invaluable for new businesses as they navigate the challenge of catering to a multi-generational workforce.
Trust and Proactivity: The Pillars of a Positive Work Environment
Despite the challenges, the survey indicates improved trust and comfort levels between managers and employees. New businesses should take a proactive approach in fostering an environment of trust and open communication, ensuring employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns. In conclusion, the ADP Canada survey underscores the importance of prioritizing employee well-being and satisfaction for new businesses. By addressing work-life balance, compensation, and family considerations, new businesses can create a positive and productive work environment, setting themselves up for long-term success.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/a-tiring-year-nearly-one-third-of-workers-in-canada-feel-tired-or-overworked-adp-survey
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