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4 Questions to Assess if You're Overindulging Your Kids

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Are You Overindulging Your Kids? Here's How to Find Out and Stop

When faced with a child's meltdown in public or at the dinner table, it can be tempting to give in and appease them. However, child psychologist Lauren Silvers warns that overindulgence can have long-term consequences for both parents and children. Overindulging is different from spoiling, as it is more about making a parent's life easier rather than fulfilling a child's needs and wants.

Identifying Different Forms of Overindulgence

There are various forms of overindulgence that parents should be aware of. Material overindulgence involves buying children whatever they want, while relational overindulgence entails doing tasks for children that they can do themselves. Lastly, structural overindulgence occurs when parents struggle to set and enforce rules.

The Test of Four: Assessing Overindulgence

To determine if you are overindulging your child, Silvers suggests asking yourself four important questions. Are your actions hindering your child's development? Are you giving a disproportionate amount of family resources to one child? Do your choices primarily benefit you as an adult rather than the child? Does your child's behavior potentially harm others, society, or the planet?

Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Mark Zuckerberg have implemented strategies to prevent overindulgence in their own children. Corcoran encourages her kids to get jobs and learn the value of earning money. Cuban emphasizes the importance of not giving his children unchecked financial privileges. Zuckerberg and Chan require their children to do chores and expose them to their work environment.

Teaching Important Life Lessons

Silvers advises parents to let their children engage in developmentally appropriate tasks, which can teach them problem-solving skills and resilience. Setting clear rules and consistently enforcing them also helps children understand boundaries and responsibilities. In the case of overindulgence, Silvers acknowledges that pulling back may initially elicit an unfavorable response from children. However, in the long run, it will contribute to their growth as responsible and independent individuals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to raise well-rounded children. Sign up for our newsletter to gain valuable insights on how to be smarter and more successful in all aspects of life. Additionally, join our free virtual event to learn essential skills for your dream job and financial success. Register today to secure your spot.

Overindulgence in Parenting: Lessons for New Business Formation

The concept of overindulgence in parenting, as highlighted by child psychologist Lauren Silvers, may offer valuable insights for budding entrepreneurs. The principles of balancing needs and wants, setting clear rules, and fostering independence could be crucial for successful business formation.

Overindulgence: A Business Perspective

Just as overindulgence can lead to long-term consequences in parenting, it can also negatively impact a business. Overindulging in terms of excessive spending or over-relying on a single client can make a business vulnerable. Similarly, failing to set and enforce rules can lead to a lack of structure and discipline, potentially derailing a business's trajectory.

Assessing Overindulgence: A Test for Entrepreneurs

The Test of Four, as proposed by Silvers for parents, can be adapted for entrepreneurs. Are your actions hindering your business's growth? Are you allocating a disproportionate amount of resources to one aspect of your business? Are your decisions primarily benefiting you rather than the business? Could your business's actions potentially harm others, society, or the environment?

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Successful Parents

Successful entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Mark Zuckerberg have implemented strategies in parenting that can be applied to business. Encouraging independence, setting boundaries, and exposing children (or employees) to different aspects of work can foster a well-rounded and resilient team.

Teaching Business Lessons

Just as Silvers advises parents to let children engage in developmentally appropriate tasks, entrepreneurs can empower their employees by delegating tasks that challenge and develop their skills. Setting clear rules and consistently enforcing them can also establish a culture of accountability and responsibility. In essence, the principles of avoiding overindulgence in parenting can provide valuable lessons for new business formation. These insights may foster a balanced, resilient, and successful business.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/24/are-you-overindulging-your-kids-ask-yourself-these-4-questions.html
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