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2024 Election Ad Spending Set to Exceed $10 Billion, Breaking Biden-Trump Record

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2024 Election Ad Spending Expected to Surpass $10 Billion, Breaking Biden-Trump Record

Projections from AdImpact reveal that the upcoming 2024 election cycle is anticipated to witness the highest political ad spending in history, totaling $10.2 billion across various media platforms. This figure surpasses the previous record set during the 2020 election cycle when President Joe Biden defeated then-President Donald Trump, exceeding it by over $1 billion. The 2016 presidential election cycle saw a total of $2.6 billion in political ad spending, highlighting the significant increase projected for 2024.

Increased Expenditure and Media Channels

AdImpact projects a 13% rise in ad spending compared to the previous election cycle, encompassing broadcast, cable, radio, satellite, digital, and internet-connected TV platforms. TV ad spending is expected to account for at least $7 billion of the total. Presidential ad spending alone is projected to contribute $2.7 billion, with the majority, $2.1 billion, allocated for the general election.

Congressional and Gubernatorial Ad Spending

Congressional ad spending is estimated to be substantial, with the Senate projected to allocate $2.1 billion and the House predicted to spend $1.7 billion on ads during this cycle. However, gubernatorial ad spending is expected to decline compared to the 2022 cycle due to fewer seats being up for reelection. AdImpact projects approximately $400 million to be spent on the 14 gubernatorial races in 2024. In conclusion, the projected ad spending for the 2024 election cycle is set to break records, surpassing the previous Biden-Trump election. The significant increase in spending across various media channels reflects the growing importance of political advertising in shaping public opinion. As the election approaches, it will be interesting to observe the impact of these substantial ad expenditures on the political landscape and voter sentiment.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The projected increase in ad spending for the 2024 election cycle presents both challenges and opportunities for new businesses. The record-breaking $10.2 billion ad expenditure could significantly impact the advertising landscape, influencing ad costs, media availability, and audience attention.

Advertising Costs and Media Availability

The surge in political ad spending could lead to increased advertising costs, particularly on popular platforms like TV and digital media. New businesses, especially those with limited marketing budgets, may need to plan their advertising strategies carefully to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Audience Attention

The influx of political ads could also saturate media platforms, making it harder for businesses to capture audience attention. New businesses may need to be more creative and strategic in their advertising to stand out amidst the political noise.

Opportunities for Engagement

On the flip side, the heightened public interest in politics during an election cycle could provide opportunities for businesses to engage audiences. Businesses that can cleverly tie their messaging to relevant political issues or discussions may be able to leverage this interest to their advantage. In conclusion, the record-breaking ad spending anticipated for the 2024 election cycle will undoubtedly reshape the advertising landscape. New businesses must navigate these changes strategically to maximize their advertising effectiveness and audience engagement.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/12/2024-election-ad-spending-could-smash-trump-biden-record-top-10-billion.html
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