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"Putin's Pursuit of a Downsized NATO Has Backfired, Says Military Alliance Chief"

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Russia's War in Ukraine Boosts NATO Expansion, says Secretary-General

Expanding NATO Influence

Russia's war in Ukraine has inadvertently contributed to the expansion of the NATO military alliance, according to Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Despite Russian President Vladimir Putin's attempt to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO by going to war, Stoltenberg noted that NATO has actually grown stronger as a result. Stoltenberg emphasized that Moscow does not have the power to veto NATO enlargement.

Turkey's Endorsement of Sweden's Membership Bid

Turkey recently backed Sweden's bid to join the NATO alliance, ending a year-long hold on its endorsement due to diplomatic objections. Turkey's concerns primarily revolved around Sweden's support for Kurdish groups that Turkey considers terrorists. Sweden and Finland submitted their applications to join NATO in May 2022 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Finland has already become the 31st member of the alliance, while Sweden's membership bid is still pending.

Ukraine's Progress Towards NATO Membership

Although Ukraine's membership in NATO is unlikely while the country is at war, Stoltenberg acknowledged that Ukraine has made significant strides in deepening its relations with the alliance. He suggested that it is time for NATO to reflect these advancements in its decisions. However, the security guarantees NATO can offer Ukraine and their sustainability under potential leadership changes in the US remain uncertain.

Russia's Opposition to NATO Expansion

Russia strongly opposes NATO expansion and raises concerns about Western influence near its borders. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov warned that Ukraine's potential NATO membership is dangerous for European security. In response, Russia will closely monitor the NATO summit to protect its own interests. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has prompted NATO to strengthen its presence in Eastern Europe in response to Russia's aggressive actions against its neighbors and the wider transatlantic community.

Conclusion: Impact on New Businesses

The escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, along with the resulting expansion of NATO, have far-reaching implications for businesses, particularly those looking to establish a foothold in the affected regions. The "hot take" on this topic is that the increased NATO presence and Russia's opposition may create both challenges and opportunities for new businesses.


  • Uncertainty: The volatile geopolitical landscape may lead to increased uncertainty for businesses operating in or considering expansion into Eastern Europe. Ongoing conflicts and potential leadership changes in NATO member countries, particularly the United States, could impact the stability and security guarantees offered by the alliance.
  • Trade Disruptions: Economic sanctions and retaliatory measures imposed by Russia and other nations involved in the conflict may disrupt trade and limit market access for businesses.
  • Political and Regulatory Environment: Heightened tensions could lead to stricter regulations, increased scrutiny, and political sensitivities that businesses must navigate when operating in the region.


  • Defense and Security Sector: With NATO's strengthened presence in Eastern Europe, there could be new opportunities for businesses involved in defense and security industries. The alliance's focus on deterrence and protection may lead to increased demand for defense equipment, cybersecurity solutions, and other related services.
  • Infrastructure Development: As NATO expands its influence, infrastructure development projects in Eastern Europe aimed at reinforcing security and connectivity could attract investments from businesses involved in construction, logistics, and transportation sectors.
  • Diversification of Markets: Businesses that are looking to diversify their markets may find opportunities in countries that align with NATO's approach and are interested in strengthening their ties with the alliance. This could lead to new partnerships and market opportunities for innovative products and services.

In conclusion, while the Russia-Ukraine conflict and NATO's expansion pose challenges and uncertainties for businesses, there may also be potential opportunities for those willing to navigate the geopolitical landscape intricately and seize the prospects that arise from the evolving situation.

Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/11/putin-went-to-war-for-less-nato-military-alliance-chief-says-and-thats-backfired.html

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