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"Paxton Urges Supporters to Take Action in Ousting Republican Rivals Behind Impeachment"

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Ken Paxton Calls on Supporters to Remove Republican Rivals Behind Impeachment

Ken Paxton, the suspended attorney general of Texas, rallied his supporters in a public appearance, criticizing his political opponents, including members of his own party, who were involved in his impeachment. Speaking at a Collin County GOP picnic, Paxton targeted the Texas House of Representatives and its leader, Speaker Dade Phelan. Paxton's remarks referred to a video of Phelan appearing to slur his words, which circulated before the House initiated an investigation into Paxton. The attorney general urged his supporters to "clean house." Facing 16 impeachment charges, Paxton is accused of abusing his office to benefit a campaign donor. The Texas House approved the impeachment articles, setting the stage for the state's third impeachment trial since 1876, which will be held in the Senate.

Appearance of Angela Paxton and Allegations

Ken Paxton's wife, Angela Paxton, a two-term Republican state senator, appeared alongside him at the event. While she will participate in the trial, she will not have voting privileges or attend private deliberations. Angela Paxton will be present when the impeachment lawyers present their evidence, which includes allegations that Ken Paxton asked the campaign donor to hire a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair.

Supporters and Allegations Dismissed

Dozens of supporters attended the event, demonstrating their unwavering support for Ken Paxton. Some wore stickers with his name, while others sported Angela Paxton campaign gear. Supporters dismissed the accusations against Paxton, viewing them as attempts to hinder his progress. They highlighted his accomplishments and argued that the allegations had already been addressed during the election, where Paxton was reelected.

Impact on Paxton's Support and Political Landscape

Ken Paxton's ability to maintain a devoted core of support among conservatives in his home state is evident from the strong turnout at the event. However, the impeachment trial and the allegations against him have the potential to impact his political future. The outcome of the trial and public perception of his actions could shape the political landscape in Texas, influencing the support for Paxton and his rivals. In conclusion, Ken Paxton's call to his supporters to remove the Republican rivals involved in his impeachment highlights the contentious nature of the ongoing legal proceedings. The trial will play a crucial role in determining Paxton's political future and could have broader implications for the political climate in Texas.


The political turmoil surrounding Ken Paxton's impeachment could have significant implications for new businesses in Texas. The outcome of the trial and the public's perception of Paxton's actions could shape the state's political landscape, which in turn, can influence business regulations and policies.

Impact on Business Regulations and Policies

If Paxton's supporters succeed in removing his Republican rivals, it could lead to changes in the state's leadership and potentially impact the direction of business regulations and policies. New businesses should stay informed about these political developments and be prepared to adapt to potential policy shifts.
Public Perception and Business Reputation
Public perception plays a crucial role in shaping a business's reputation. The controversy surrounding Paxton's impeachment trial has garnered widespread attention. Businesses associated with Paxton or his rivals could find their reputations affected by the public's perception of the trial and its outcome.

Hot Take

In conclusion, the political drama unfolding in Texas around Ken Paxton's impeachment trial is more than just a legal battle. It's a complex situation that could influence the business environment in Texas. New businesses should keep a close eye on these developments and be ready to navigate the potential changes they may bring.
Article First Published Here: https://feeds.texastribune.org/link/16799/16329703/ken-paxton-impeachment-trial-rally
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