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Outflow of Financial Firms: New York and California Witness $1 Trillion Asset Losses

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The Financial Exodus: $1 Trillion Asset Loss in New York and California

The past few years have witnessed a significant migration of Wall Street banks and major tech firms from California and New York, leading to a staggering loss of nearly $1 trillion each in managed assets. This analysis, conducted by Bloomberg News, paints a clear picture of the shifting economic landscape triggered by the relocation of companies like Elliott Management, AllianceBernstein, and Charles Schwab.

This steady outflow has not only cost these states thousands of high-paying jobs but has also placed a heavy burden on city and state finances by drastically reducing tax revenue. The commercial property markets in these states have been experiencing significant strain due to the abrupt departure of the finance industry, simultaneously struggling to find new tenants in the wake of the remote work trend.

The so-called 'Great Migration' has not been limited to businesses alone. A growing number of Americans have also been relocating to places like Florida and Texas. The factors driving this mass migration are often rooted in the pursuit of lower taxes and more favorable weather conditions.

Bloomberg's analysis, based on corporate filings from more than 17,000 firms since the end of 2019, reveals that between the start of 2020 and the end of March 2023, over 370 investment companies managing approximately $2.7 trillion in assets relocated their headquarters. The shift was predominantly from high-tax states in the Northeast and West Coast to lower-tax states like Florida and Texas, which boast no income tax.

Florida emerged as the top destination for companies exiting New York, attracting the likes of Icahn Capital Management and AKR Investment Management. Texas, on the other hand, was the preferred choice for companies leaving California.

The population shift is not a transient phenomenon but a sustained trend. A Bank of America analyst note based on aggregated and anonymous internal customer data suggests that cities that saw a significant influx of people during the pandemic continue to grow faster than other cities.

San Francisco has seen a remarkable drop in population at the onset of the year, with a drop of more than 1% in the first quarter of 2023 and a decline of over 3% from 2020 to 2022. New York City has also experienced a considerable population decline, losing about 1% of its population in early 2023 and 3% in the previous two years.

According to Janelle Fritts, a policy analyst at the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, this population shift paints a clear picture. People are moving away from high-tax, high-cost states toward lower-tax, lower-cost alternatives. This trend underscores the impact of tax policies and cost of living on both corporate decisions and individual choices, potentially reshaping the economic and demographic contours of the US.
This striking 'Great Migration' from high-tax, high-cost states to lower-tax, lower-cost regions presents a significant opportunity for new businesses, particularly for those looking to establish an LLC. This shift has the potential to dramatically impact the business landscape and offers compelling implications for upcoming businesses, particularly LLCs, which are typically favored by small business owners for the liability protection they provide.

As the population continues to shift toward states like Florida and Texas, these regions are likely to experience an economic boom, further fueled by the influx of corporations seeking lower taxes. For a new business, this means a growing consumer base and an expanding pool of potential employees. This demographic shift, coupled with the financial incentives offered by these states, could offer a fertile environment for the growth and prosperity of new businesses.

However, this migration also presents new challenges. As more businesses set up shop in these lower-cost states, competition is likely to increase. While the larger consumer base offers new opportunities, it also means a new business must differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Therefore, any new business or LLC looking to establish itself in these states must not only consider the financial benefits but also develop a robust business plan to stand out amongst the growing competition.

Moreover, the trend of remote work adds another layer of complexity. The increasing acceptance and implementation of remote work models by businesses means that a new business can't solely rely on physical location. They must also build a compelling digital presence and find ways to attract and retain remote workers, adding a new dimension to the traditional business model.

In conclusion, the 'Great Migration' presents both opportunities and challenges for new businesses. States like Florida and Texas are emerging as new economic hubs, offering attractive prospects for businesses looking to establish themselves. However, increased competition and the evolving nature of work mean that new businesses, especially LLCs, must be strategic and innovative to thrive in this changing environment. One thing is certain: the business landscape is changing, and how new businesses adapt to this shift may determine their success in the coming years.

Original Article First Published at: https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/new-york-california-each-lost-assets-financial-firms-fled-south
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