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Nissan CEO Discovers Key to Tackling 'Challenging' Chinese Market Amid Demand Slump

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## Nissan CEO Aims to Speed Up Entry into Crowded Chinese Market Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida has stated the importance of bringing new vehicles to the increasingly crowded Chinese market quickly. The company plans to target existing Nissan customers with the timely introduction of high-value products that are competitive with fast-growing local brands, but offered at an attractive price. Earlier this year, Nissan unveiled the Arizon, a China-focused electric SUV, and intends to launch additional models as it grapples with declining market share and slowing sales. Despite reporting a sharp rise in net income for the most recent quarter, Nissan saw a 45.8% drop in China unit sales compared to the same period last year. ## Challenging the Competition In China, Nissan has faced significant competition from domestic automaker BYD. To navigate the challenging Chinese market, Uchida emphasized that Nissan's comprehensive business model, which encompasses the entire value chain from parts sourcing to sales and after-sales service, is the company's strength. He also highlighted the importance of time to market and Nissan's strong local assets, which will contribute to its sustainable growth in China. ## Leveraging Electric Vehicle Expertise Uchida pointed out that although Nissan may not be the global leader in scale, its 13 years of experience in selling electric vehicles have provided valuable insights into consumer behavior. This expertise informed decisions such as the development of a production facility for solid-state battery cells, which are expected to be lower cost and charge more quickly than traditional lithium-ion batteries. These advancements in electric vehicle technology will further strengthen Nissan's position in the Chinese market. ## Renault Partnership and European Expansion Nissan also announced finalized terms for its longstanding partnership with Renault. As part of the agreement, Nissan will invest $663 million in Ampere, Renault's electric vehicle unit. This investment is a response to intensified competition and stricter regulations in Europe. By investing in Renault's EV unit, Nissan aims to enhance its presence in the European market and ensure compliance with increasingly stringent environmental standards. ## Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses Entering the Chinese Market The ever-growing Chinese market presents both opportunities and challenges for new businesses looking to establish a presence in the automotive industry. Nissan's CEO, Makoto Uchida, recognizes the importance of speed and innovation in order to compete successfully in this crowded market. For new businesses venturing into China, there are several key takeaways from Nissan's strategies: 1. **Target existing customers**: Nissan aims to appeal to its existing customer base by introducing high-value products at attractive prices. This strategy highlights the importance of understanding the market and catering to specific consumer needs and preferences. 2. **Comprehensive business model**: Nissan emphasizes its comprehensive business model, covering the entire value chain from parts sourcing to after-sales service. This highlights the significance of offering a seamless and integrated customer experience, which can be a competitive advantage for new businesses entering the Chinese market. 3. **Leveraging expertise**: Nissan's 13 years of experience in selling electric vehicles have provided valuable insights into consumer behavior. New businesses can benefit from leveraging their own expertise in specific areas to differentiate themselves and capture market share. 4. **Partnerships**: Nissan's partnership with Renault and investment in Ampere's electric vehicle unit demonstrates the significance of collaboration for business growth and market expansion. New businesses should consider strategic partnerships to enhance their capabilities, access new technologies, and navigate regulatory requirements. In conclusion, for new businesses looking to enter the Chinese market, understanding the competitive landscape, targeting specific customer segments, building comprehensive business models, leveraging expertise, and exploring strategic partnerships will be crucial for success in this rapidly evolving industry. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/27/nissan-ceo-spots-key-to-cracking-china-market-after-demand-slump-.html

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