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New Leadership at Major League Pickleball to Leverage Growing Popularity

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Major League Pickleball Announces New Leadership to Capitalize on Sport's Growing Popularity

New CEO and COO Named for Major League Pickleball

Major League Pickleball (MLP) has appointed finance and media executive Julio DePietro as its new CEO, and former NFL executive Bruce Popko as its COO. MLP is looking to take advantage of the explosive growth of pickleball, America's fastest-growing sport at the professional level. DePietro and Popko will be responsible for guiding the league during this pivotal time.

Rise of Pickleball at the Amateur Level

With more than 36 million people playing pickleball last year, one of the biggest challenges for DePietro and Popko is converting casual pickleball fans into MLP followers. The sport has experienced tremendous growth, and MLP aims to capitalize on this momentum by attracting more fans and viewers.

High-Profile Athlete Owners and Investors

MLP has managed to attract numerous high-profile athlete owners and investors, including NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant, as well as NFL legends Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Anheuser-Busch recently purchased a team, further boosting the league's profile.

Focus on Sponsorships, Media Rights, and Licensing

Popko's extensive background in the sports industry will be instrumental in growing sponsorships, building the media rights business, and developing a licensing and merchandising strategy for MLP. These three pillars will play a crucial role in the league's expansion and monetization.

Unleashing MLP's Potential

MLP believes it has only scratched the surface of its potential and opportunities for advertising, subscriptions, and sponsorship. The league aims to leverage its growing fan base, the excitement surrounding the sport, and the avidity of fans and players to drive further growth and marketing opportunities.

Enhancing Player Recognition and Media Coverage

MLP recognizes the importance of marketing and positioning its players as household names. To achieve this, the league is seeking a consistent media partner and is already in advanced discussions with a top-tier broadcast partner to air its tournaments live in 2024. MLP's media viewership has been steadily increasing, and the league is exploring additional partnerships to create a series that highlights the players' stories.

In conclusion, the announcement of new leadership at Major League Pickleball (MLP) signifies the growing impact of the sport and the potential it holds for new businesses. With the appointment of Julio DePietro as CEO and Bruce Popko as COO, MLP aims to capitalize on the explosive growth of pickleball, which has witnessed over 36 million players in recent years. This surge in popularity presents an opportunity for businesses to tap into a rapidly expanding market. MLP's ability to attract high-profile athlete owners and investors, including the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees, is a testament to the sport's allure and potential for success. These partnerships not only strengthen MLP's profile but also open doors for sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for new businesses looking to align themselves with the growing pickleball community. Furthermore, with Popko's expertise in finance and media, MLP is poised to leverage sponsorships, media rights, and licensing to expand its reach and monetization efforts. This presents a favorable landscape for new businesses to explore partnerships with MLP, providing avenues for advertising, subscriptions, and sponsorships to a passionate and enthusiastic fan base. MLP's commitment to enhancing player recognition and media coverage further positions the sport as a viable platform for new businesses to gain exposure. By seeking consistent media partnerships and exploring live tournament broadcasts, MLP is paving the way for increased viewership and an opportunity for businesses to associate themselves with the rising stars of pickleball. In conclusion, the rise of pickleball and the strategic moves made by MLP's new leadership offer an exciting prospect for new businesses. The sport's growing popularity, coupled with the league's efforts in sponsorship, media rights, and player recognition, creates a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ventures to tap into the thriving world of major league pickleball. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/05/major-league-pickleball-names-new-ceo-coo.html

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