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Meta Faces Challenge to Retain Instagram Threads Creators and Prevent Exodus

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Threads: Can It Compete with Twitter for Creators?

Losing Momentum

Threads, the new messaging app from Meta, made a huge splash in its first week, attracting over 100 million users. However, recent reports suggest that the app's engagement is starting to decline. Creators like Brian Moller, also known as B Mo the Prince, are hoping that Threads can sustain its momentum and provide them with a new avenue to reach a larger audience. Meta has already released an update to the app, but it still lacks key features that would help creators build their audience beyond their existing Instagram following.

A Kinder Alternative

Instagram executives have positioned Threads as a kinder alternative to Twitter, focusing on entertainment and lifestyle content rather than news and politics. Creators like Moller find Threads to be more welcoming and enjoy the ability to scroll and post without getting caught up in real-time arguments. However, it remains to be seen if Threads can attract creators away from Twitter, which has recently started paying some verified users for ads in their conversations.

A Wait-and-See Approach

Many creators, like Marcel Floruss and Chas Lacaillade, are taking a wait-and-see approach to Threads. They are hesitant to invest time and effort into a new social media service that may

A New Business Opportunity?

The declining momentum of Threads raises questions about its ability to compete with Twitter for creators. While the app initially attracted a large user base, it seems to be losing engagement, potentially affecting its appeal to creators seeking a new platform to reach a wider audience. Despite Meta's efforts to introduce updates, the app still lacks key features necessary for creators to build their audience beyond their existing Instagram following.

On the positive side, Threads offers a kinder alternative to Twitter, promoting entertainment and lifestyle content over news and politics. Creators like Brian Moller appreciate the welcoming environment and the absence of real-time arguments. However, Twitter's recent move to pay verified users for ads within conversations might deter creators from making the switch, as financial incentives play a significant role in their platform choices.

Creators such as Marcel Floruss and Chas Lacaillade are adopting a wait-and-see approach, exercising caution in investing their time and effort into Threads. With the uncertain future of the app's engagement and the allure of Twitter's payment program, many creators may hesitate to fully embrace Threads for their content creation.

The Impact on New Businesses

For new businesses looking to capitalize on social media platforms, the evolving landscape of Threads and its competition with Twitter could present both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, if Threads can regain its momentum and attract a significant creator base, it may offer businesses a fresh platform to reach their target audience. The emphasis on entertainment and lifestyle content could be advantageous for businesses in those industries.

However, the uncertainty surrounding Threads' engagement and its ability to compete with Twitter's payment incentives could make businesses hesitant to invest time and resources into the platform. Businesses often seek stability and proven results when choosing their social media presence, and Twitter's established status and financial rewards provide a level of security that Threads may not yet have.

In conclusion, while Threads initially showed promise as a competitor to Twitter for creators, its declining engagement and lack of key features have raised doubts about its long-term viability. New businesses must carefully evaluate the potential benefits and risks of incorporating Threads into their social media strategies, considering the shifting dynamics in the social media landscape and the financial incentives offered by competing platforms like Twitter.

Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/21/instagram-threads-lures-creators-and-metas-challenge-is-to-keep-them.html

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