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"Making Finance Fun: How Kyla Scanlon uses TikTok to educate her audience"

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Meet Kyla Scanlon, the Influencer Making Finance Fun for Young People

The Birth of Bread

Kyla Scanlon, 26, is a former options trader who uses TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to make financial education enjoyable for young audiences. She has created Bread, a company which produces engaging videos and skits that go viral and makes deep financial concepts easier to understand for young people.

Humanising Finance

Kyla Scanlon takes a unique approach to finance that involves humanising concepts that may be abstract or dull. She will pretend to be Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell or even different stocks to get her audience engaged. By doing this, she can better connect and engage with the people and still get the message across. This approach humanises finance and makes it easier for people to understand.

Demystifying finance

For the most part, younger generations often find it difficult to comprehend economic topics. That's why Kyla Scanlon focuses on helping them to realize how it affects them directly. By doing that, they tend to show more interest and curiosity. Kyla Scanlon can break down complex financial concepts into understandable and digestible terms.

Impacting People Directly

One of her viral videos focuses on doomerism and its prevalence. She describes doomerism as a pessimistic view of life and the economy. It concentrates mainly on the negatives surrounding everything that happens. To her, this is a problem for the financial world. Kyla Scanlon is more interested in giving people a clearer understanding of the hot-button Wall Street issues, such as inflation and recent bank failures.

Bread Goes Viral

Kyla Scanlon is an influencer who is currently doing an amazing job of educating young people about financial concepts. Her approach adds a light-hearted feel to what would otherwise be mundane topics. As of late this week, she has almost 166,000 followers on TikTok, over 156,000 on Twitter and 28,000 subscribers on YouTube. Kyla is proof that finance can be fun.
In conclusion, Kyla Scanlon has been successful in creating engaging content that has allowed her to build a large following across multiple social media platforms. She has managed to achieve this by using creative and unconventional methods, such as pretending to be different stocks or the Federal Reserve Chair, to humanize what is often thought to be a dry and complex topic. Her company, Bread, has allowed her to create content that helps to demystify financial concepts and ensures that younger generations can better understand how they impact them directly.

As a new business, it is crucial to take notice of how Kyla Scanlon has been able to create a successful platform that educates and engages younger audiences. Her success lies in being able to connect with customers by using humor and interesting methods to explain complex topics. New businesses looking to follow in her footsteps should consider employing similar techniques in order to engage their audiences and to make their content more digestible. It's clear that Kyla Scanlon has made finance fun, and businesses who can take inspiration from her approach will be sure to see similar success.

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