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Jefferies Predicts 25% Rally for Promising Chinese Electric Vehicle Company

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Xpeng and Volkswagen Partnership Marks a New Chapter for Chinese EV Manufacturer

Joint Development Plans and Improved Rating

Jefferies has recently upgraded its rating on Xpeng shares, a leading Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, from hold to buy. As part of this upgrade, Jefferies also increased the price target on Xpeng shares to $25.30, a significant increase from the previous target of $7.80. This new price target implies a potential upside of 25.1% from the closing price on Thursday. Xpeng's shares were already up an additional 7.6% during premarket trading on Friday.

Collaboration for Midsize Battery-Electric Models

Under the joint development plans, Xpeng and Volkswagen will work together to develop two midsize battery-electric models. These new EVs will be branded as Volkswagen cars and will be sold exclusively in the Chinese market. As part of the partnership, Volkswagen has also acquired a 4.99% stake in Xpeng and will have a representative on the company's board. This collaboration is seen as a significant milestone for Xpeng as it marks a new era for Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) exporting their technologies to foreign players. The partnership is also expected to enhance Xpeng's brand image globally.

Xpeng's Positive Sales Momentum and First-Mover Advantage

Analyst Johnson Wan highlights Xpeng's strong sales momentum and forecasts an upward trend in the coming years. Wan believes that Xpeng is well-positioned to benefit from its first-mover advantage in assisted driving (AD) development. The company's advanced driver-assisted systems technologies are approaching a critical point in commercialization, signaling a promising future for Xpeng's AD initiatives. Wan states that the "harvest season" for Xpeng's AD efforts has just begun.

Impressive Stock Performance and Future Outlook

Xpeng's shares have experienced significant growth, surging over 103% so far in 2023. This indicates investor confidence in the company's potential and future prospects. With the successful partnership with Volkswagen and the advancements in assisted driving technologies, Xpeng is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory in the rapidly expanding EV market. The collaboration with a global automotive giant like Volkswagen is expected to further boost Xpeng's presence and reputation in the global market. Overall, the joint development plans between Xpeng and Volkswagen mark a pivotal moment in the growth of the Chinese EV manufacturer. The partnership not only strengthens Xpeng's position in the industry but also signifies the increasing recognition and adoption of Chinese EV technologies by global players. With the positive sales outlook, first-mover advantage, and strong collaborations, Xpeng is poised for a bright future in the world of electric mobility.

Conclusion: Xpeng and Volkswagen Partnership Sets New Course for Chinese EV Manufacturers

The recent partnership between Xpeng and Volkswagen has significant implications not only for the companies involved but also for new businesses entering the electric vehicle (EV) market. The joint development plans and improved rating on Xpeng shares demonstrate the increasing confidence in Chinese EV manufacturers and their potential for global success. For new businesses entering the EV market, this partnership serves as a testament to the recognition and adoption of Chinese EV technologies by global players. It showcases the opportunities for collaboration and growth in the industry. By aligning with established brands, new EV businesses can leverage the expertise, resources, and market presence of industry leaders, which can accelerate their entry into the market and enhance their credibility. Furthermore, Xpeng's positive sales momentum and first-mover advantage in assisted driving development highlight the importance of innovation and differentiation in the EV sector. New businesses should prioritize investing in advanced technologies and disruptive solutions to gain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving market. The impressive stock performance of Xpeng following the partnership announcement demonstrates the investor confidence in the company's potential. This can be encouraging for new businesses seeking funding or investment. There is a growing interest in the EV industry, and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and strong business plans have the opportunity to attract capital and support. Overall, the Xpeng and Volkswagen partnership signals a new era for Chinese EV manufacturers and presents a valuable lesson for new businesses entering the EV market. By prioritizing collaboration, innovation, and differentiation, and leveraging strategic partnerships, new EV businesses can position themselves for success in this dynamic and promising industry. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/28/jefferies-says-this-chinese-electric-vehicle-company-could-rally-25percent.html

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