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Innovative Solutions for Climate Change: High-Tech Approaches like Pig Cooling Pads and Cow Weather Forecasts in Meat Production

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## How Technology Helps Farmers Mitigate Heat Stress in Livestock More than a third of the heat-trapping gases that contribute to climate change come from the livestock industry. However, farmers in developed countries like the United States are utilizing technology to ensure the comfort and well-being of their animals. For example, American farmers use apps to forecast animal comfort in the heat, install cooling pads for sows, and lower barn temperatures with misters, air conditioning, and fans. Special pedometers, known as "cow Fitbits," provide vital signs to monitor animal health. According to experts, the intensifying heat caused by climate change can result in billions of dollars in lost revenue for farmers and ranchers if not properly managed. Unfortunately, livestock producers in poorer countries face greater challenges in adopting heat mitigation strategies due to higher costs and climate impacts. These disparities further exacerbate the gap between wealthy and poor nations caused by global warming. To address this issue, it is essential for people in developed countries, where diets are heavily reliant on animal products, to consume less meat and dairy. However, simply reducing consumption is not enough to meet global demand. Developing countries also need access to technology that can make their livestock industry more productive in the face of extreme heat. The deployment of innovative solutions is crucial in bridging this gap. One example of farmers embracing technology is the McAllister family in Iowa, who recently installed new fans above their cows' beds. The cows have shown signs of improved welfare, such as increased cud-chewing. By making investments in their animals' well-being, the McAllister family aims to ensure their dairy farm's sustainability and longevity. However, implementing heat mitigation strategies comes at a cost. More fans and cooling systems mean higher energy bills for farmers. Additionally, infrastructure investments, such as fans and misters, can be prohibitively expensive. Cheaper solar power integrated into agricultural projects could help offset these costs. Still, the adoption of heat mitigation strategies remains a financial challenge for many. To assist farmers in managing heat stress, various tools and resources have been developed. For example, the USDA and university scientists have created the HotHog app, which uses local weather data to help pig farmers anticipate uncomfortable conditions. Additionally, meteorologists have developed animal comfort forecast tools that consider temperature, humidity, and wind to support beef farmers. Awareness of climate change's impact on agriculture is growing among both farmers and the general public. Farmers, in particular, face the daily challenges posed by climate change and the need for environmental sustainability. Balancing these two objectives can sometimes be a complex task, but technology and information play crucial roles in helping farmers make informed decisions. By leveraging technology and implementing sustainable practices, the agricultural industry can better manage heat stress in livestock while mitigating climate change's effects. ### Conclusion: The Implications for a New Business The issue of heat stress in livestock and the technological solutions implemented by farmers have significant implications for businesses entering the agricultural industry. Firstly, it highlights the importance of sustainable practices and addressing climate change concerns. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their food choices, and businesses that prioritize sustainability in their operations have a higher chance of attracting eco-conscious customers. Embracing technology to mitigate heat stress and reduce greenhouse gas emissions can position a new agricultural business as forward-thinking and environmentally responsible. Secondly, the need for affordable heat mitigation strategies presents an opportunity for innovative businesses to develop cost-effective solutions. Finding ways to reduce the financial burden of implementing cooling systems, such as integrating solar power, could be a lucrative market niche. New ventures that focus on providing affordable and efficient heat stress management tools could help bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, contributing to global agricultural sustainability. Lastly, technology plays a crucial role not only in mitigating heat stress but also in providing data-driven insights for informed decision-making. An emerging business in the agricultural industry could capitalize on the growing demand for smart farming solutions. Developing advanced forecasting apps or sensor-based monitoring systems that optimize livestock comfort and well-being would cater to the needs of farmers and enhance their productivity. In conclusion, the intersection of technology, heat stress mitigation, and agriculture presents both challenges and opportunities for a new business. By incorporating sustainable practices, addressing climate change concerns, and developing innovative and cost-effective solutions, a new venture can position itself for success in the evolving agricultural landscape. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/30/pig-cooling-pads-and-weather-forecasts-for-cows-are-high-tech-ways-to-make-meat-in-a-warming-world.html

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