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India's Rapid Growth to Bridge Global Commodity Demand Gap as China Slows

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India's Economic Growth Could Offset China's Slowdown, ANZ Predicts

India's Potential to Become the Third-Largest Economy

ANZ predicts that India's economic growth will outpace that of China, positioning the South Asian nation to become the third-largest economy by the end of the decade. This forecast indicates that India's demand for commodities is expected to surge, potentially covering more than half of China's demand shortfall, particularly in the energy sector. ANZ attributes this growth to favorable demographics, urbanization, expansion of manufacturing and exports, and infrastructure development.

India's Increasing Demand for Commodities

ANZ estimates that India's annual demand for major commodities, including oil, coal, gas, copper, aluminum, and steel, will collectively rise by more than 5% between now and 2030. In contrast, China's demand for the same commodities is projected to slow to between 1% and 3% as its GDP growth slows to 3.5%. India's demand growth will be most prominent for oil and coal, fueled by the country's heavy oil import dependency of over 80%. Despite efforts to decarbonize, India's growing energy needs may still rely significantly on fossil fuels.

The Impact on Steel and Iron Demand

The Indian government's focus on infrastructure development, energy transition, and capex is expected to drive demand for steel and iron. ANZ anticipates a strong rise in demand for metals and bulks in India. However, filling the shortfall in steel and aluminum left by China may be more challenging due to the sheer scale of consumption in the latter. China currently accounts for over 50% of global industrial metals and steel production.

India as a Significant Influencer in the Commodity Markets

While China will remain a dominant player in the commodity markets, ANZ suggests that India has the potential to become a significant influencer. With its strong economic growth and increasing demand for commodities, India could offset some of the slowdown in global commodity demand caused by China's growth slowdown.

Conclusion: Seizing Opportunity in India's Economic Growth

India's projected economic growth and increasing demand for commodities present a slew of opportunities for new businesses. As ANZ predicts that India will outpace China's growth and become the third-largest economy, entrepreneurs can tap into the potential of this South Asian nation to drive their ventures forward. With India's surging demand for major commodities like oil, coal, gas, copper, aluminum, and steel, industries catering to these sectors can expect a boost in business. The country's heavy oil import dependency and focus on infrastructure development and energy transition create a ripe market for companies in the energy sector. Despite efforts to move towards cleaner energy sources, there is still a significant reliance on fossil fuels, opening doors for innovative solutions in renewable energy. The Indian government's emphasis on infrastructure development also presents ample opportunities for businesses in construction and manufacturing sectors. With rising demand for steel and iron, there will be steady growth potential for companies involved in the production, supply, and distribution of these metals. However, filling the shortfall in steel and aluminum left by China may pose challenges due to China's substantial consumption levels. New businesses could explore strategies to bridge this gap, such as innovative production methods or alternative materials. While China will undoubtedly remain a dominant player in the commodity markets, India's emergence as a significant influencer cannot be ignored. Entrepreneurs can position themselves strategically to leverage India's strong economic growth and increasing commodity demand to their advantage. By understanding the market dynamics and tailoring their offerings to meet India's specific needs, new businesses can thrive in this evolving landscape. In conclusion, India's economic growth and rising commodity demand offer an exciting prospect for new businesses to establish themselves and contribute to the country's growth trajectory. By aligning their strategies with the evolving market dynamics and India's specific requirements, entrepreneurs can seize the opportunities presented by India's potential to offset China's slowdown and become a global economic powerhouse. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/31/india-demand-for-commodities-could-make-up-for-china-shortfall-anz.html

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