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'I Bought My Parents a Car': Achieving Success, Barbara Corcoran Reflects on a Milestone Moment

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Barbara Corcoran's Definition of Success Goes Beyond Money

The First Taste of Success

Barbara Corcoran, real estate expert and star of ABC's "Shark Tank," believes that success is not solely measured by money. However, her first encounter with success was when she made a profit of $77,000. This unexpected windfall left her pondering what to do with the money. Instead of splurging on herself, Corcoran immediately bought her parents a new car. This gesture was particularly significant because her parents had never owned a new car before. Corcoran reflects on this moment as one of the most satisfying decisions she has made in her life.

Giving Back and Finding True Happiness

For Corcoran, the experience of giving back to her parents has remained with her throughout her career. It serves as a reminder of the importance of generosity. She believes that the satisfaction of giving does not necessarily require monetary contributions. Any act of kindness can bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Corcoran warns against the mindset of always wanting more for oneself. She encourages individuals to focus on the values that truly matter instead of being solely driven by money.

Shifting Priorities

Having lived paycheck to paycheck and held numerous jobs in her early years, Corcoran understands the struggle of financial instability. However, as a successful businesswoman and investor, she has learned to prioritize quality of life over material wealth. She emphasizes that money cannot buy happiness and that success is ultimately measured by one's health and the well-being of loved ones. Corcoran believes that material possessions only offer temporary joy, which soon fades and becomes taken for granted.

Path to Success

Barbara Corcoran's journey to success has taught her the value of giving back and focusing on what truly matters in life. Her experience of buying her parents a new car stands as a symbol of her commitment to generosity and selflessness. Corcoran's definition of success extends beyond monetary achievements, emphasizing the importance of health and meaningful relationships. Material possessions may provide temporary happiness, but true fulfillment comes from acts of kindness and prioritizing the people we care about.

Impact on a New Business

Barbara Corcoran's perspective on success can be highly influential for new businesses. In a world often obsessed with monetary gains, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to understand that true success lies in more than just financial achievements. By shifting the focus from profits alone to the well-being of employees, customers, and the community, a new business can foster a more meaningful and sustainable approach.

Ultimately, Barbara Corcoran's definition of success serves as a valuable reminder to new businesses that they have the power to make a difference beyond monetary gains. By embracing generosity, prioritizing values, and measuring success holistically, entrepreneurs can create a more fulfilling and impactful journey towards success.


Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/02/barbara-corcoran-on-the-first-time-she-felt-successful.html

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