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How Much Do Americans in Their 30s Have in Their 401(k)s? Find Out!

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By Age 30 You Should Have One Year’s Salary Saved for Retirement

Current Retirement Savings and Recommendations

Fidelity Investments recommends by the age of 30, workers should have saved close to one year’s salary for retirement. However, Americans between 30 and 39 have a median balance of $17,400 in their 401(k)s, according to Fidelity Investments data. The average balance is higher at $46,000, but it can be skewed upward by a few accounts with more significant balances. Therefore, the median balance is generally a better measure. While you may not meet these numbers now, the first thing to remember is that you're not a failure.

Keep the Retirement Savings Rate in Mind

The crucial figure to consider when saving for retirement is your retirement savings rate. This rate is the percentage of your income you’re contributing to your 401(k). Fidelity Investments suggests saving about 15% of your income annually for retirement, including any available employer match. If the amount seems overwhelming, you can start gradually and increase your contributions over time. Increasing contributions 1% every year until you reach the maximum contribution is a wise choice. Or alternatively, you can aim to set aside a specific dollar amount from each paycheck.

Progress Over Perfection

Start making investments as early as possible. By doing so, you give your money more time to grow through the power of compound interest. According to financial experts, consistency is key to build sustainable wealth over time. Therefore, even small contributions every month can add up over the years.

Balance between Retirement Savings and Enjoying Life

Your income is likely to increase as you get older, which can allow you to make more significant contributions to your retirement savings over time. However, you should also treat yourself with some of your earnings. Ultimately, balance is crucial when it comes to saving for retirement. Remember, it is essential to enjoy the present, but ensure that enough money is set aside to enjoy the future as well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, by contributing early, contributing often, and taking advantage of every opportunity to save, you’ll be able to build a comfortable retirement. Don't forget to be consistent with saving, aim to maximize your contributions, and find the right balance between saving and enjoying life. With the right strategy, you can meet your retirement goals.
A new business should take note of the importance of retirement savings. With millennials making up the majority of the workforce, it is imperative for small businesses to take an active role in promoting financial wellness. According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, 95% of millennials are not saving enough for retirement. As a result, a significant portion of small business owners is being presented with increased financial pressure. As a small business owner, it is crucial to take an investment-conscious approach to business operations. This can include a 401(k) savings plan, which can help attract and retain employees while also promoting personal financial wellness. Start by offering a modest company match to retirement savings and provide investment education seminars to raise awareness about the benefits of IRA savings. Ultimately, the success of a business and the well-being of employees are intertwined, making it essential to encourage a healthy approach to financial planning and savings. By making retirement savings a priority, a new business can create a positive work culture that values responsible financial planning through implemented policies and incentives.

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