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How Climate Change is Influencing Parenthood: Over Half of Parents Let Climate Concerns Affect Their Family Planning

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Climate Change Influencing Decisions of Parents, HP Study Finds


In a recent survey conducted by research firm Morning Consult on behalf of computer tech company HP, 91% of parents expressed concern about climate change. Over half (53%) of the parents surveyed indicated that climate change affected their decision about having more children. Rising temperatures (62%), water shortages (51%), changing sea levels (43%), and large weather events (43%) were all cited as particular areas of concern.

Effects on Career and Buying Decisions

43% of respondents said they have reconsidered working for a company based on the company’s level of commitment to environmental and social issues. Regarding their purchasing behavior, 64% preferred sustainably sourced products, and 60% indicated a company’s sustainability practices played a significant role in their purchasing decisions. The survey also revealed that parents are willing to pay more for sustainable products. For instance, 75% of parents surveyed were willing to pay more for sustainable clothing.

Responsibility of Corporations

The burden of responsibility for making good climate decisions rests on corporations, according to over half (51%) of the parents surveyed, while only 36% said customers were responsible for holding companies accountable.

This survey by Morning Consult and HP reveals that climate change is influencing the decisions of many parents in multiple areas of their lives such as career, purchasing, and having children. Companies have a significant impact on the decisions of parents, with many respondents indicating that they prefer brands with sustainable practices. Thus, corporations must take responsibility for their environmental impact and sustainability practices to align with consumer behavior and preferences.
In today's world, consumers are no longer just interested in the products and services companies offer; they're also interested in how companies are contributing towards creating a better world. The recent survey by Morning Consult and HP demonstrates that parents in particular are sensitive to the environmental impact of the companies they work for, buy from, and support. This can have significant implications for businesses, especially if they are new companies trying to establish themselves.

A new company can leverage the growing concern about climate change by prioritizing sustainable practices that take into account the impact their products and services have on the environment. This would require a shift from traditional business models that prioritize profit and revenue over social and environmental responsibility. Companies should be transparent about their sustainable practices and actively engage with their customers to understand their concerns and preferences. This will not only help to attract eco-conscious parents but also create loyal customers who are more likely to recommend the brand to others.

Ultimately, companies that take climate change seriously and integrate sustainable practices will have a competitive advantage over those that don't. It not only allows them to tap into a growing market but also aligns with the values of their customers. As such, it can be a significant factor in the overall success of a new business.

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