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Houston ISD's Spanish-Speaking Community Feels Neglected Under State-Appointed Leader, According to Parents

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Spanish-Speaking Families in Houston ISD Feel Neglected Under State-Appointed Leader

Concerns Over Lack of Support

Spanish-speaking families in the Houston Independent School District (HISD) are expressing growing concerns over the diminishing support they receive under the leadership of state-appointed superintendent Mike Miles. Many parents report a significant decline in accommodations and assistance for Spanish speakers, leading to frustration and a sense of neglect within the community.

Impact on Bilingual Education

Under Miles' "New Education System" (NES), which aims to prioritize classroom instruction and improved student outcomes, changes have been made to the dual-language programs in schools like Pugh Elementary. While Miles initially promised the continuation and expansion of dual-language education, parents argue that support for Spanish speakers has dwindled.
English-Only Instruction and Parental Dissatisfaction
One particular point of contention is the new "Science of Reading" class, which is taught exclusively in English. Miles argues that decoding and language comprehension are best learned in English, but parents argue that this approach neglects the needs of English learners and limits their access to education.

Criticism of Miles' Leadership

Miles' leadership style and vision for the district have faced criticism from public education observers, teachers, and parents alike. His test-score-driven approach and rigid teaching schedule have been described as military-like, limiting educators' autonomy and potentially hindering academic improvements and a conducive learning environment.
Call for Parental Choice and Opt-Out Options
As recent Republican efforts push for increased parental involvement and school choice, the question arises as to whether Houston ISD will provide families with options to opt out if the new system does not meet their needs. The ability for low-income families to have more freedom in choosing their child's education is a central argument in the school choice debate. In conclusion, Spanish-speaking families in Houston ISD feel that their needs and concerns are being overlooked under the leadership of state-appointed superintendent Mike Miles. The changes implemented under the NES have led to a decline in support for Spanish speakers, raising questions about the effectiveness of the new system in addressing the needs of bilingual students. As the state legislature focuses on parental choice, the ability for families to opt out may become a critical test for Houston ISD's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its students.

Implications for New Businesses in Houston

The concerns raised by Spanish-speaking families in Houston ISD could have significant implications for new businesses in the area.

Workforce Development and Diversity

Companies, particularly those planning to tap into the diverse talent pool of Houston, need to be aware of these educational challenges. If bilingual education is not adequately supported, it could limit the development of a multilingual workforce, which is increasingly important in today's globalized economy.
Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility
Furthermore, businesses should consider how they can contribute to addressing these issues as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives. This could involve partnering with local schools to support bilingual education or providing resources for Spanish-speaking families.

Market Opportunities

On the other hand, the dissatisfaction expressed by these families could present market opportunities. Businesses offering educational services or products tailored to Spanish speakers could find a receptive audience in Houston. In conclusion, the issues facing Spanish-speaking families in Houston ISD should be on the radar of new businesses in the area. By understanding these challenges and responding in a proactive and socially responsible manner, businesses can contribute to the community while also leveraging potential market opportunities.
Article First Published Here: https://feeds.texastribune.org/link/16799/16377362/houston-isd-spanish-mike-miles
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