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"Guide to Swapping Johnson & Johnson Shares for Kenvue Stock: Investors, Here’s What You Should Know"

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Johnson & Johnson Announces Shareholder Swap with Kenvue

Johnson & Johnson Shareholders Can Swap Shares for Kenvue Stock

Johnson & Johnson has announced that its shareholders will soon have the opportunity to swap their shares for stock of Kenvue, an independent consumer health company that recently spun out from J&J. J&J currently owns approximately 90% of Kenvue shares and plans to reduce its stake through an exchange offer. The details of the offer have not yet been disclosed.

The Benefits of a Split-Off

According to J&J CFO Joseph Wolk, a split-off is the most advantageous form of separation for J&J. He believes that after the split, Kenvue will have a shareholder base that is interested in owning its stock. Kenvue CEO Thibaut Mongon expressed his satisfaction with the way the IPO has been received by shareholders and stated that the company is fully prepared to operate as an independent entity.

Stock Performance and Financial Results

Despite beating earnings and revenue estimates in its first quarterly report since its IPO, Kenvue's shares fell following the announcement of the exchange offer. However, J&J's second-quarter results exceeded expectations, causing the company's stock to rise by 6%. Kenvue also initiated a quarterly cash dividend for shareholders.

Timing of the Exchange Offer

The timing of the exchange offer came as a surprise, as Kenvue's IPO filing in April stated that J&J agreed to wait 180 days before selling or transferring its shares. This would have delayed any potential split-off until at least the end of October. The filing also indicated that written permission from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, the IPO's lead underwriters, would be required for J&J to proceed with a split-off. Hot Take: What Does Johnson & Johnson's Shareholder Swap Mean for New Businesses? Johnson & Johnson's announcement of a shareholder swap with Kenvue, its spin-off consumer health company, raises interesting implications for new businesses looking to enter the market. While the precise details of the exchange offer have yet to be disclosed, the move underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and stock ownership dynamics in the corporate landscape. For new businesses, this development serves as a reminder of the potential benefits of attracting established companies as stakeholders. By securing the backing of a larger, more established corporation, startups can gain access to invaluable resources, expertise, and distribution channels that can accelerate their growth and enhance market penetration. However, Kenvue's experience also highlights the challenges that new businesses may face when separating from their parent company. Despite beating expectations in its first quarterly report, Kenvue's shares dipped following the announcement of the exchange offer. This reinforces the need for new businesses to carefully manage investor expectations and communicate a clear value proposition, as market responses can be unpredictable even when financial performance is strong. Moreover, the timing of the exchange offer highlights the importance of contractual agreements and relationships with underwriters for new businesses seeking to enter the public market. Ensuring clear and enforceable provisions regarding share transfers and timing can protect the interests of new businesses and prevent potential disruptions or surprises during critical periods of their growth. In conclusion, Johnson & Johnson's shareholder swap with Kenvue provides valuable insights into the strategic considerations and challenges that new businesses may encounter when navigating the corporate landscape. By leveraging strategic partnerships, effectively managing investor expectations, and establishing robust contractual agreements, new businesses can position themselves for success in an ever-evolving market. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/20/jj-investors-can-soon-swap-shares-for-kenvue-stock.html

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