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GM Points Finger at Supplier for Slow Electric Vehicle Production, Assures the Continuation of Chevy Bolt EV

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GM Blames Supplier for Slow Ramp of New Electric Vehicles

The Impact of Supplier Issues on GM's Electric Vehicle Production

General Motors CEO Mary Barra attributed the slow ramp-up of the company's new electric vehicles to issues with a supplier of automation equipment. This explanation comes after Wall Street expressed concerns about GM's rollout of EVs and its ability to catch up with Tesla, the industry leader. Despite posting positive quarterly results, GM's stock price experienced a 4% drop during morning trading. Analysts questioned the company's pricing strategies, EV profitability guidance, and its ability to meet previously announced targets.

Unforeseen Delays and Disappointment

GM produced 50,000 EVs for North America in the first half of the year, which was in line with internal targets but fell short of expectations. The majority of these vehicles were the outgoing Chevrolet Bolt models, rather than the new EVs that utilize GM's "Ultium" batteries and technologies. Mary Barra, a former plant manager and auto engineer, expressed her disappointment with the supplier's performance. She personally worked on problem-solving and updating the automated lines, but progress was minimal.

Predicted Improvements and Remaining Targets

Despite the challenges posed by the supply chain, Barra remains optimistic about production improvements in the second half of the year. She anticipates that constraints will be mostly resolved, if not entirely, by the end of the year. GM is committed to producing 100,000 vehicles in North America during this time frame, leading to a cumulative production of 400,000 vehicles by mid-next year. Barra emphasized that the company is fully committed to meeting its targets and will not deviate from them.

Next-Generation Chevrolet Bolt EV and Increased Demand

GM plans to introduce a next-generation version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV to meet the growing consumer demand for affordable electric vehicles. Last year, GM implemented significant price cuts that made the Bolt EV the least expensive electric vehicle in the US. The new Bolt will incorporate technologies from GM's Ultium and Ultifi battery and software programs. However, specific details regarding the timing, price, and production location are yet to be disclosed by the company.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The recent challenges faced by General Motors (GM) in the slow ramp-up of their new electric vehicles due to supplier issues have broader implications for new businesses looking to enter the electric vehicle market. While it is clear that the supplier's performance has hindered GM's production targets and affected their stock price, there are important lessons to be learned for emerging companies.

1. Supply Chain Management is Key

The situation highlights the critical role of effective supply chain management. New businesses need to carefully evaluate and establish reliable relationships with their suppliers to ensure a smooth production process. Implementing measures to mitigate potential supplier issues early on can help prevent unforeseen delays and disappointment.

2. Flexibility and Problem-Solving Skills are Vital

GM CEO Mary Barra's personal involvement in problem-solving and their commitment to meeting targets demonstrate the importance of flexibility and strong leadership. New businesses should prioritize building agile teams capable of quickly adapting to unforeseen circumstances and finding innovative solutions to overcome challenges.

3. Anticipate and Meet Market Demand

The increasing consumer demand for affordable electric vehicles presents an opportunity for new businesses. GM's plans to introduce a next-generation version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV to meet this demand highlight the importance of understanding market trends and offering competitive pricing. Emerging companies should focus on developing products that align with customer needs while keeping an eye on pricing strategies to gain a competitive edge. In conclusion, while GM's struggles with supplier issues may have caused setbacks, new businesses can use this situation as a valuable learning experience. By prioritizing effective supply chain management, fostering problem-solving skills, and aligning their products with market demand, emerging companies can position themselves for success in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/25/gm-slow-ev-production-blamed-on-supplier-chevy-bolt-will-live-on.html

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