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"Former Twitter Lieutenant of Elon Musk Expresses Surprise at His Willingness to Cause Extensive Disruption"

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The Former Top Twitter Lieutenant Criticizes Elon Musk and Defends Him at the Same Time

Elon Musk's Focus on Work

In a recent post on Elon Musk's social media network, a former top Twitter lieutenant, Esther Crawford, revealed her thoughts on the billionaire. She stated that Musk is willing to "burn so much down" and lives inside an "echo chamber." Crawford mentioned that during her time working under Musk, she often saw him alone, completely devoted to work. She believes that the pressure of money and fame can negatively affect mental health.

Despite the critique, Crawford was initially a supporter of Musk during her time at Twitter. She even oversaw the relaunch of Twitter Blue, a decision made by Musk that sparked debate within the company. However, the initial rollout of Twitter Blue faced numerous issues, such as impersonation problems and suspended launches in certain areas. This led to criticism from verified users and caused a decline in a company's stock price due to false information.

The Challenges of Working for Elon Musk

Crawford also mentioned the difficulties of working for Musk, describing his temper as something that can "turn on a dime." People were often afraid to share negative news or be called into meetings due to the unpredictability of Musk's reactions. She criticized his lack of process and empathy, stating that while he excels in solving physics-based problems, he lacks the social-emotional intelligence needed for products that facilitate human connection and communication.

Defending Musk's Track Record

Despite the criticism, Crawford acknowledged that Musk's track record cannot be ignored. She pointed out that he is also the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, the latter of which is currently under investigation by the California Attorney General. Crawford expressed that she cannot be pigeonholed into loving or hating every change that has occurred, as she considers herself a free thinker.

Final Thoughts

Esther Crawford's post offers a unique perspective on Elon Musk. While she criticizes his focus on work and his management style, she also defends his achievements and acknowledges his success with other companies. It highlights the complexities of working for someone like Musk, who is both revered and criticized in the tech industry.

Hot Take: Implications for a New Business

The criticisms and defenses of Elon Musk presented by Esther Crawford can offer valuable insights for a new business operating in the tech industry. This "hot take" discusses how these perspectives may impact a new business:

1. Balancing Work and Personal Life:

Crawford's critique of Elon Musk's intense focus on work and its potential negative effects on mental health emphasizes the importance of work-life balance for employees. A new business should prioritize creating a healthy work environment that encourages employees to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. This can lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

2. Managerial Style and Empathy:

Working under Musk, Crawford experienced the challenges of a CEO with a volatile temper and a lack of empathy. For a new business, it is crucial to foster open communication, establish a supportive work culture, and promote empathy among leaders. This can improve employee morale, motivation, and encourage innovation.

3. Acknowledging Track Record:

Despite the criticisms, Crawford recognizes Musk's achievements with SpaceX and Tesla. This highlights the value of acknowledging and leveraging the successful track records of leaders and organizations. A new business can seek inspiration from successful companies and individuals, learn from their accomplishments, and incorporate effective strategies into their own operations.

4. Embracing Critical Thinking:

Crawford describes herself as a free thinker, refusing to be pigeonholed into loving or hating every change that has occurred. This serves as a reminder for a new business to encourage critical thinking and diverse perspectives within the organization. Embracing different viewpoints can foster innovation, creativity, and lead to well-rounded decision-making. In conclusion, considering the perspectives presented by Esther Crawford on Elon Musk's management style and achievements can offer valuable insights for a new business. By prioritizing work-life balance, promoting empathy, acknowledging successful track records, and embracing critical thinking, a new business can create a conducive environment for growth, innovation, and employee satisfaction. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/27/past-twitter-lieutenant-esther-crawford-defends-criticizes-musk.html

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