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Former Judge Declines Role as Advisor for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial

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Former Judge Declines Role as Advisor for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial

Appointment Rejected

A former state appeals court judge has declined an appointment to serve as an advisor to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick during the upcoming impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton. Marc Brown, a former Republican justice on the 14th Court of Appeals, was named as Patrick's counsel for the trial, but Brown turned down the role.

Reasons for Declining

In a letter to Patrick, Brown cited a campaign contribution he and his wife made to a candidate who ran against Paxton in the Republican primary. Brown expressed concerns about potential distractions and allegations of favoritism or personal bias that could arise due to the contribution, emphasizing the importance of a fair and unbiased process.

Impeachment Trial Details

The trial, scheduled to begin on September 5, stems from allegations of misconduct and lawbreaking against Paxton. The House impeached Paxton in May, and the trial will determine whether he will be permanently removed from office. Paxton faces 20 articles of impeachment, including accusations of bribery and abusing his office.

Selection of Legal Counsel

The trial rules allow the presiding officer, Lt. Gov. Patrick, to select legal counsel licensed in Texas who is not a registered lobbyist. Brown, with his extensive experience as a district court judge and appellate justice, was initially chosen for his real-life courtroom expertise and well-rounded perspective.

In conclusion, the former judge's decision to decline the role as advisor to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial adds a new twist to the proceedings. The concerns raised regarding potential biases and distractions highlight the importance of maintaining a fair and impartial process. As the trial approaches, the selection of a suitable legal counsel remains crucial for ensuring a just resolution to the allegations against Paxton.

Implications for New Businesses in Texas

The unfolding events of the Paxton impeachment trial, including the recent decision of former Judge Marc Brown to decline the role as advisor to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, could have implications for new businesses in Texas.

Impact on Business Confidence

The ongoing turmoil and uncertainty surrounding the impeachment trial could influence the confidence of potential entrepreneurs and investors. The integrity of the state's legal and regulatory environment is crucial for new businesses, and these developments might raise concerns.

Opportunities for Legal and Consulting Services

Conversely, this situation could also create opportunities for businesses in the legal and consulting sectors. As the impeachment trial progresses, there may be an increased demand for expert advice to navigate potential legal and ethical challenges.

In conclusion, the Paxton impeachment trial and the recent developments, including Brown's decision to decline the advisory role, could have mixed implications for new businesses in Texas. While it may create a climate of uncertainty, it could also open up opportunities for certain sectors. Navigating this dynamic environment will be crucial for new businesses to thrive.

Article First Published Here: https://feeds.texastribune.org/link/16799/16304214/dan-patrick-marc-brown-paxton-impeachment-adviser-counsel
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